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Can't wait for the Oscars? Let's all play Oscars Monopoly!

Themed Monopoly games are something seen far and wide, but we haven't seen an Oscars edition... until now! The game features all eight nominated Best Pictures for each of the property colors, property cards with the new locations printed on them, and Chance/Community Chest cards filled with references and pictures from the films.

The movies are sorted, not by favor or by which one I think deserves the Oscar most, but by budget. Whiplash being the lowest at $3.3 million, is the first set of properties. American Sniper being the highest at $58.8 million, is the final set of properties. This was done because as the film's budget rises, so does the property value.

Things you'll need to make the game:

This board could not have been created had it not been for the template made by Brad Frost. To get Oscars Monopoly for yourself, I'll provide links below to download the re-skinned board (both as a full sized image to take to a printing store, and in separate pieces so you can print them out yourself), property cards, and Chance/Community Chest cards. For a collector's quality board (with that show room finish), I suggest following Kat Okula's instructions as best as you can from her blog.

Download links:

Full 20"x20" Version for Oversize Printing at a Printshop (Kinkos or Staples)

Home Printer-Friendly Version for Standard 8.5"x11" Paper (10 Pages, Tape & Scissors Required)

Property Deed Cards (5 Pages, Scissors Required, Semi-Glossy Cardstock OR Standard Paper)

Chance/Community Chest Cards (coming soon)

Check back within the week for an update releasing the cards! But I won't leave you hanging completely... here's a quick prototype of what one of the Chance cards could look like:

Have fun!


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