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Jessica Harmon

Been really looking forward to this one since it was announced; Electric Slide, a biopic on Eddie Dodson, an LA bank robber, is finally headed to US cinemas. Paragon Releasing has it opening in theaters and releasing on video on demand on April 3.

The movie stars Jim Sturgess (the hunk from 21), Isabel Lucas (the beautiful one from Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen that wasn't Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), Christopher Lambert (where's he been!?), and Patricia Arquette (Boyhood, CSI Cyber, Prayer of the Rollerboys - anyone else remember that!?).

The not-very-American-at-all Sturgess plays Eddie Dodson, a well-dressed Melrose Avenue antiques dealer who decided to become a bank robber. He dressed like George Hamilton but did bad things, geddit?

Christopher Lambert plays somewhat of a bad guy by the looks - that should be interesting! Wonder if he got to keep the portrait they used of him in the movie (below)!?

Here's some newly released stills!


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