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If You Must Know Who I Think Should Win Best Picture At The Oscars Watch The Video Below! Make Sure To Read My Article As Well For My Other Personal Thoughts On The Oscars And The Best Picture!

Movie award season is over you guys this is what all your favorites have been working towards. That's right i'm talking about the grandest stage of them all for movies where hopes and dreams can either grow or die. Yeah i'm being a little dramatic right now but hey that's Hollywood for you! Its an exciting time for sure no doubt about it even if your favorites got snubbed this year i'm sure you have another favorite in the mix.

I swear this film deserved so much.....
I swear this film deserved so much.....

Its not the time to keep crying over what didn't make i think its time we start talking about who will make with The Oscar at the end of the night. I saw most of the Oscar nominees this year as i made it a goal and though i didn't succeed i'm still content. The movies i saw definitely were some top notch films in my honest opinion. I know its a really hard choice to choose the nominees and i couldn't imagine choosing the winner. This is especially true when you have the best picture award that has many choices to choose from. I think i have narrowed it down though to one film in particular i saw. I'm talking about none other than Birdman!

The film basically follows Riggan a washed up superhero actor from the 90's trying to make a comeback with a Broadway play. Through all this he has to deal with difficult actors, his broken family and of course himself before he can really come back. Birdman was just a movie that delivered on so many levels its just hard to pin point them. It actually might not be so hard so rather than explaining myself in a long post that might lose you ill do this instead. I will give you my top three reasons this film deserves the best picture Oscar.

1. The Continuous Shot

The whole movie looked like it was one whole continuous shot and that was amazing. I mean to pull off such a thing had to have required amazing choreography with both the crew and actors. Its like could you imagine being the one to mess up a whole sequence like wow so much dedication clearly went into this. I believe the continuous shot added so much to the movie and really became a central part of the story itself.

2. The Music

The score of the film was mostly filled with drums and that was absolutely perfect for the film. I mean you had a film that just had you on the edge of your seat wondering how the play would come out. Then you add on the drums that were just blasting relentlessly and hit hard. I think it was something that elevated the movie to another level and i just loved. If the score was any different i'm not sure if it would feel like the same movie or give it as much meaning as it did. This is a great example of when audio and visuals compliment each other perfectly!

3. The Whole Cast And Crew

I mean of course this would be a huge reason the movie was so amazing after all. Its like you get the whole package with this film, seriously everyone is top of the top here. You have a talented director like Alejandro who knows how to bring his vision to life. Then you have tremendous actors like Edward Norton, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts. Its also Michael Keaton's performance of a lifetime to bring him back into the limelight. You cant forget cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki who is an absolute brilliant man when it comes to lighting up a scene. I mean the film had everything working for it from acting, camera work, music, directing, and lighting. It was a great team effort that really pulled through in the end!


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There you have it though my thoughts on who should be the Best Picture winner at The Oscars! Who do you think should win? Comment Below!


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