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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

A lot of fans are super excited for the upcoming Deadpool movie, which is set to release in 2016. A lot of people have been hand-picked to play random characters in the Deadpool movie. Gina Carano has been set to appear as Angel Dust, a mutant who is able to elevate her adrenaline levels to provide her with super strength. Many people are still hoping to see Domino and Copycat make an appearance, but enough talk about the female characters, lets get to the real business. Now as you know Deadpool isn't just famous for his love of violence and super sexy girls. Deadpool also has these voices in his head that he talks to for fun and f**ks around with it from time to time. We all know who will be playing Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) but who will play the voice inside [Deadpool](movie:38663)'s head? Well I have 4 actors who could be perfect for the the voices in Deadpool's head.

1. Morgan Freeman

Why? Morgan Freeman just has that voice of his. He's played narrator in a few movies before and he would be perfect for Deadpool's 'mind voice' and I love his voice he is a great narrator though how do we get him to say such bad words like f**k or s**t and other bad words? And also in most of his movies he is either...

  • The wise guy (Last Vegas)
  • The guy with the biggest ego (Now You See Me and Bruce Almighty)
  • The fortune cookie guy

Still think Freeman wouldn't be perfect? Well check the rest of my choices.

2. Ron Perlman


Ron Perlman also has that voice and as you know the voices in Deadpool's head sound deep and inspiring you want deep Perlman's your guy you want inspiring Freeman's your guy. I don't know its just that his voice is so good for the voices in Deadpool's head you know that voice that we need is with Ron Perlman I vote Perlman to play the voices in Deadpool's head what about you? And what if the voices in Deadpool's head is gonna yell or something Perlman can shout loud and still keep his voice deep.

3. H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin [Notable Works: Bob's Burgers, Archer, Family Guy: It's A Trap]: I love his voice and this is the voice that would work perfectly insulting Deadpool and acting as a 2nd voice for Deadpool to speak too if he's lonely and look at what he did on Family Guy was perfect that is why he's on this list I just think he'd be perfect.

4. Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a great narrator like how he did with Ted and Ted 2 he narrated the whole movie (well technically not the whole movie but you get the point) you see Patrick Stewart is someone who sounds like a fortune cookie,like a story teller, a narrator and plus he plays Professor X for X-Men which is written by FOX and Deadpool will also be made by FOX so there a way for him being the voices in Deadpool's head I mean what if its just Professor X using his psychic power to talk to Deadpool I mean it is the Cinematic Universe and they don't really follow in the comics so yeah why not?


Who do you think should play the voices in Deadpool's head?


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