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This movies were made by amateur directors.

This short is based on a haunted doll, tha a girl actually founds in her new house, it conteints a list of Paranormal Activity, Childs Play and Insidious.

  • El hada de los dientes (Tooth Fairy)

Tooth Fairy is a mexican short horror film about a boy that lose all his teeth and.... whatch it....

  • Dont look under bed

Dont look under bed is about a lot of creepy pasta stories, about one person and his cat or dog, they supposed to sleep with them but thats not true....

  • For not sleeping

Para no dormir (For not sleeping is about a comic vampire story, it conteins a touch of sexyness, gore and more

  • Sugestion

When you hear noises at night that means that is not a good sign


Whats the favorite short of the list?


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