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so sometime ago the gi joe producer said the idea of a transformers crossover movie is a possibility and a possibility that must happen on the big screen and i'll explain why it must happen with ways the crossover could be a huge success.

1. with the right story and action it will be great.

they should find a way to get the joes and the autobots acquainted in the crossover against cobra and the decepticons.

2. bring back channing tatum aka duke hauser

revive duke and make him lead the joes again and just imagine duke driving optimus prime wich would be epic.

3. just don't let michael bay get majority of creative control.

let michael bay be in charge as producer, visual effects, and of course explosives.

4. get a great director like jj abrams.

i say get jj abrams to direct the crossover and michael bay to co direct it and produce it.

5. split the crossover movie into two parts.

it would be ridiculous to fit one massive comic book crossover lets say a 5 hour movie. so for part 1 it would be a transformers movie wich means the story for part 1 would transformers centered and let them have majority of screen time. part 2 would be a gi joe wich that would mean the main villian of the crossover would be cobra. cobra will have some proposition for the decepticons and lets say this part 1 decepticons get defeated and post credit scene cobra commander has a proposition for galvatron. and then for part 2 cobra will be the architect for the hole alliance the ones behind the villainous plot to destroy both autobots (wich brings in the decepticons) and joes. so basically the hole crossover in general will be in a alliance movie but in particularly a gi joe movie. following the recent success of the arrow and flash crossover episodes and harry potter the deathly hallows movies a two part crossover would be a huge success.

6. a good title.

what do you guys think of this title: gi joe transformed.

7. the right cast.

channing tatum: duke hauser

dwayne the rock johnson: roadblock

adrianne palicki: lady jaye

tyrese gibson: robert epps

ray park: snake eyes

bruce willis: joseph colton

joseph gordan levitt: cobra commander

and the rest of the people from transformers such as hugo weaving, john turturro, tom kenny, peter cullen, and josh keaton as bumblebee, bring back the twins cause they were funny. and bring in the dinobots for part 2.

8. the idea would bring in a shit ton of money.

it would be an amazing box office smash since michael bay movies are basically critic proof.

9. the comedy level has to be done right as well as the action.

the comedy was the one thing that was missing in transformers age of extinction.

10. it will have lots of appeal to action movie fans and especially comic book, and childhood fans.

if the movie is done right you could pull of a major box office smash.


do you think a transformers gi joe crossover movie needs to happen.


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