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Matthew Prideaux-Ghee

By now, everyone who is interested in this sort of stuff would've heard the news that Spider-man has come home to Marvel Studios and will be bigger than ever. However, upon hearing this, a few ideas came to mind about how they would reintroduce a character that we have seen so many iterations of over the last decade. Marvel has stated that they would not like to make origin stories, which would suit the audience just fine in this case. We have been shown two origins already, so are very familiar with how Peter (if that is the Spidey they go for) gets his powers.

These ideas have been developed after much thought as to the mystery the franchise could create around this character. For that reason I, much like many other comic book fans, would like the big cast reveal to be during Captain America: Civil War.

Imagine the shock when new Spiderman is revealed
Imagine the shock when new Spiderman is revealed

Idea 1: A post credits scene

I'm sure this isn't the most original idea, but it can be dealt with in a number of ways. My proposed idea is through a scene which takes place during the aftermath of the New York Chitauri battle (The Avengers).

A shadowed figure holding a cigar is standing there, looking out of the window onto the smouldering city that greets him. A knock is heard at the door and the back of a young man can be seen as he walks in and sits opposite this man's desk. "Hey, Peter! Did you get those photos I asked for earlier!?", the towering man says in an oh-so-familiar voice. The younger man slides a pile of photos, each with a different avenger(s) during the fight, across the table, and a Daily Bugle newspaper in silence. The camera zooms in on his hand and the images, but as it does this, a red and blue sleeve can be seen underneath his shirt, poking out slightly. The camera then pans out again, showing the man turn around and pick up the photos, still shadowed. His face looks up, revealing him to be J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons). "Excellent work Parker!". The scene ends, fades to black and the new logo appears stating "Spider Man returns in 2017"

Idea 2: Lots of easter eggs

This is more of a subtle way of suggesting that the character has existed for a while.

However, I was unsure on how this could be done well as characters in the line up usually go through this process a number of films in advance.

For instance, newspaper articles hidden throughout a film(s) capturing the friendly neighbourhood vigilante doing his thing, could be made noticeable but not the main focus of the screen. Another idea is to have a SHIELD file open on the hero, pulling up videos, pictures, and information on him - in a similar manner to when Tony was shown the Avengers files in Iron Man 2. This way, it shows that he has been watched for some time by Nick Fury, before his subsequent handing-over of his Director title, and that he has possibly been questioned by SHIELD to join the Avengers already but was too young/ inexperienced to join the team.

I'm so glad that a decent Spiderman film series is on the way, as out of all them, Spider Man 2 and the Amazing Spider Man have been, in my opinion, the only good ones. Any more ideas, and feedback (as this was my first attempt at writing an article) would be greatly appreciated. Comment yours below


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