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First of all im a huge Spidey fan! The Concept of this suit was based off the idea that he could not climb walls while wearing gloves and boots. I myself have never believed it was possible either but i loved Spidey too much to care. I cant even count all the Spiderman suits out there right now. I can say that maybe some are way too much or i can say, forget this! Im making one too!


Which idea do you think is better??

After starting this design with a wrestling singlet blue with a red mask ( it didnt look like this) it made me think of Peters short lived wrestling career with Bone Saw and though... What if he stayed in wrestling? How would the suit look? Well this was the end product. Pretty much like the original but with a wrestling singlet. How could we leave behind that amazing design with the webs we all know Spiderman to have??

Now the Black Widow Spiderman. Pretty plane and simple. In some far off demention Peter Parker And Natasha aka. The Black Widow from The Avengers have a baby. Seems unlikely, I know but this is a new demention and crazier things have happened.


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