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Hi hi people :D ,

I think the Joker is probably one of the most famous and crazy movie villains out there. This guy is everywhere on the internet, and is so recognizable with the makeup and the famous smile.
The smile that is quite disturbing...

This look is so well known that I've decided to make a facepaint tutorial for it :)
This look is really easy to create and you don't need many products.
How to make yourself look scary but awesome like the joker:

-Use white facepaint to whiten up that face of yours.

-Use black facepaint to create the panda eye effect and add some 'tears' to it if you like.

-Use brown eyeshadows, make weird faces to see where your wrinkles are, and fill them in.

-To create the scar effect, use some latex around the mouth area. when it's dry gently peel it open.

-Use red facepaint to fill in the mouth area and the latex and do some touch-ups with fake blood if you like.

And that's it! :)

If you wanna see how I did it and how it turned out you can see the video on my youtube channel.
Link for the video:

And the link to my website:

Let me know what you think of it! Did I nail it? :) Am I allowed to kill the batman now? And of course...

Why so serious?!

The finished result!
The finished result!

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