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I'm a nerd who knows a lot of things, you know what else is a lot? Pasta. Nerd culture is like Pasta, I hope you like Pasta too.
Leo Kingsley

Welcome to my look at the Oscars. Allow me to give you a Nerd Pasta perspective at the Academy Awards and why its a night that isn't terribly boring, jokes that'll make you either laugh along or say, "Uh..can he/she say that?" and finally the awards themselves.

With the tragic news that my hollywood crush Jennifer Lawrence will not be attending the academy awards, the Oscars can still be a good time to enjoy. Sure its not as lively as the Tony awards, nor Saturday Night Live but it does have its moments with its right host and planning. What I've come to understand is that James Franco was a terrible host and Billy Crystal is an excellent one. (I will say I did love Seth Macfarlane as host, I thought he was what the Oscars needed).

The Oscars, a night for your favorite actors, actresses and production staff from each movie and such to be in one room for two hours and some. While this can be played well, it can also be bad.

How it can be played well:

  • The host (in this case Harris) can liven the crowds with his comedy skills
  • The actors and actresses play along, if they don't, everything gets awkward
  • When the time is serious, let it be serious.
  • This is an award show, not the Queen's coronation, have fun.
  • One Leonardo DiCaprio joke, one!
  • Make a joke about how the Oscars can't go on without Jennifer Lawrence
  • Of course, Meryl Streep is there.
  • It has to be Legendary!

How it can turn out bad

  • The host tries to hard
  • The audience doesn't respond to any jokes
  • They don't do anything to tribute the actors who've passed in the past year
  • A selfie that'll break Twitter again (kidding)

All in all the Oscars is a night for people who love films or watching actors interact with one another like a big psychological observation. Its a night for women to criticise the actresses outfits and talk about how much work certain actresses have done to their body. A night that most middle aged men don't pay attention to because they're probably doing something like fixing the kitchen sink. A night to watch actors and actresses, and production staff and teams accept awards, and then later have their names in the previews as "Academy award winner or nominee Jane Doe". But overall its a night for movie buffs and snuffs and the lot who've got nothing to do on a sunday night.

So I have to ask, will you be watching the Oscars tonight? I will. Does that make me better than you? No, silly.

Michael Keaton for best actor, Boyhood for best film! Thats what I'm hoping.

This was a Nerd Pasta perspective on the Oscars. Tune in next time, which might be tomorrow to where i talk about Batman!!!!


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