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This year was not such a great year for the movie biz and quality films. And as far as the Academy Awards, it seems too many great movies, performances and directors were absolutely snubbed.

Maybe next time Jen! (hahaha)

I do believe this will be the year that Bradley Cooper finally wins his Oscar. Third nomination in a row, but his performance in American Sniper was the best in his career. My cousin was a sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan, 3 tours, and from Texas. When I saw American Sniper I didn't see Bradley Cooper, I saw my cousin. The movie was heavy, and it stayed with me for hours afterwards. Clint Eastwood was absolutely snubbed for best director. If not Cooper it's gonna be a tossup between Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne.

I think best actress will be the hardest to really call, because every single performance was probably the best of their careers. But Julianne Moore was simply outstanding in Still Alice. Reese Witherspoon was at the top of her game in Wild and Rosamund Pike, the newcomer was the most terrifying sociopath in the feel bad movie of the year, Gone Girl. I am going with Julianne Moore. Still Alice should have been nominated for best film. Kristen Stewart should have been nominated for best supporting actress as well.

Best director, again, all male, as it has been for the majority of the history of the Academy Awards but my pick is going to be Alejandro Inarritu of Birdman. Which is the DGA choice as well. I was really hoping to see David Fincher here finally but, Gone Girl didn't get the critical reception I thought it deserved. Trent Reznor wasn't even nominated for scoring it, as the movie was in principal photography.

Best movie, everything says Boyhood. I'd love to see Selma, American Sniper or Whiplash win but I'm not holding my breath there.

Best Supporting actress, Actresses? Well, I know Meryl Streep won't win. I cannot even believe she was nominated! Sometimes I think she is nominated every year just to be polite. Into the woods, was funny, but it wasn't great and Anna Kendrick was the best part of that movie.I think beyond a doubt will be Patricia Arquette she was amazing in Boyhood.

Best supporting actor JK Simmons was FANTASTIC in Whiplash. I was so surprised on how much I enjoyed that movie. I have enjoyed him as an actor for many years and this is a well deserved accolade. Edward Norton was incredible in Birdman, however and I would not be surprised if he was a surprise win.

Animated movie will be of course Big Hero 6. I loved this movie so much!

I cannot believe that Gone Girl's author and screenplay writer Gyllian Flynn was not nominated for best adapted screenplay.

Special Effects as much as I would love to see my geeky favorite movie of the year, Captain America The Winter Soldier Win or X-men (Although X-men has a higher chance than Captain America) Planet of the Apes is a sure thing.

So that is this film student's opinion. I was 100% last year. Guess we will see this year. It will be exciting to see my hometown celebrity, NPH hosting. Should be a great show!


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