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So as we know Marvel have announced their full slate of phase three movies, Netflix TV shows and announced that they're bringing Spider-Man into the cinematic universe. Let's take a look at the slate below.

Netflix Series -

Daredevil (April 10th, 2015)

Jessica Jones (2015)

Iron Fist (Date TBC)

Luke Cage (Date TBC)

The Defenders (Date TBC)

Phase 3 Movie Slate -

Captain America: Civil War (May 6th, 2016)

Doctor Strange (November 4th, 2016)

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (May 5th, 2017)

Unnamed Spider-man Movie (July 28th, 2017)

Thor: Ragnarok (November 3rd 2017)

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (May 4th, 2018)

Black Panther (July 6th, 2018)

Captain Marvel (November 2nd, 2018)

Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (May 3rd, 2019)

Inhumans (July 19th, 2019)

Captain America And Co...Plus Thanos. x
Captain America And Co...Plus Thanos. x

With Marvel adding the addition of Spider-Man to the line-up they've decided to re-date and reshuffle some of their phases three slate to fit him into their plans.

When Marvel originally announced Captain America: Civil War they said that Black Panther would fill in for the role of Spider-Man and be the one stuck between Stark and Rodgers, Now they have regained the rights to use him it makes me wonder if they're gonna push Black Panther to the side and give him a less important role (I hope not as Black Panther is amazing).

If they do decide to give Spider-Man a bigger role in Civil War I really hope they include the Iron Spider (His best costume in MY opinion).

Civil War ... Who's side are you on?
Civil War ... Who's side are you on?

Something that would have shocked fans would have been if Marvel and Sony would have decided to go with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker...I hope they do eventually use Miles. In my opinion I think they should do 3-4 films with Peter as Spider-Man so we grow with him as a character then something bad happens to him that makes him pass the mantle of being Spider-Man on the Miles. (That's just MY opinion) Also by passing the mantle in a movie it introduces none comic book readers to Miles.

Miles Morales as Spider-Man.
Miles Morales as Spider-Man.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 would be a great way to introduce the Symbiote (Venom) into the MCU. The planet of the Symbiote's was mentioned in the most recent GOTG comics and It would be a good way to establish Venoms existence in the MCU before he's even shown in a movie. Hopefully later down the road they'll decide to introduce Carnage (Please please please) into the MCU as well.

Now moving on from the Spider-Man talk.

There's still so many unanswered question and so many possibilities in the MCU we'll start with the unanswered questions. So first things first where are the remaining two Infinity gems? I would say the remaining two gems are most likely going to appear in either Dr. Strange, Thor Ragnarok or GOTG 2. I can't see Civil War including an Infinity Gem as I think the film could end up being crowded enough with story line and characters (After all this is a Captain America film, not an Avengers Movie) I can't see Spider-Man including an infinity gem.

Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet + Gems.
Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet + Gems.

The next question I want to move on to is "Will the Netflix series and movies tie into each other?" I really hope so because it would be fucking awesome to see The Defenders and The Avengers team up. Both teams are completely different kinds of Hero's for example The Defenders fight street level crimes and the Avengers are out there saving the world so it would be interesting to see how they would work with each other.

The Defenders
The Defenders

We know a main character is going to get killed between the beginning of Age Of Ultron and the end of Civil War but who will it be? I'd say it's most likely gonna be Captain America because Chris Evans only has 2 films left on his contract so I think he'll die in Civil War then they'll use the time gem to bring him back in Infinity War Part 2 (But that's just MY opinion).

Now on to possibilities.

Marvel have so many unused characters that are not quite big enough for their own movies but could have their own Netflix series or at least make an appearance in the ones they have planned. For example, The Punisher would be a great character to include.

I think there is also a possibility of Blade having his own Netflix Series or Movie especially with Dr. Strange being introduced into the MCU and a lot of fans want blade introduced. It would be cool to see some vampire slaying action (Who knows maybe even a team up to take down Dracula with Spider-Man and his buddies just like in Ultimate Spider-Man)

Blade and The Punisher
Blade and The Punisher

There so many more possibility's with who they can introduce to their universe, We're most likely going to see Nova (Fuck yeah) and Adam Warlock by the time we get to Infinity War, But it would be cool to see some of the smaller characters like Wasp, White Tiger, Ghost rider, Namor and many others make an appearance even if it's just a cameo on the Netflix shows.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy + Nova And Adam Warlock
The Guardians Of The Galaxy + Nova And Adam Warlock

Let me know what you think about the topics I've covered above. It'd be great to get feedback as this is the first article I've wrote.

Thanks for Reading.


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