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If you read the comic books or saw the clip from @midnight when the major spoiler

"that a character named Neegan would come along and bash Glenn's brains in with a baseball bat named Luciell." (my best guess at spelling Luciell)

The spoiler may or may not have been fake as it was on a skit called fake spoilers but if you saw the fellow cast members faces before those fake sounding laughs. here is the clip but you may not want to watch it.

This did happen in the comic books

If it is true then I believe that this new mysterious character will lead them to that person or is that person. And then the other character, (you know who I'm talking about people who read the spoilers), will die probably for the season finally . For those who did not read the spoilers or think that it will not happen there are no real leads. But, what if we think of all the possibilities of what would make sense?

Theory 1: The Sasha theory. She has lost everything and is making stupid decisions. Also she is one of those characters that would not make everyone stop watching the show unlike Daryl or Michonne. Maybe she will give her life for the group in an honorable suicide. I have not read the graphic novels or seen any spoiler on any of these. these are all guesses.

Theory 2: The Eugene theory. Just like his thing with the water that may or may not have been tainted you can tell he feels ashamed of telling the lie. Not going to say what it is for those behind but if you are that far behind you may want to stop reading if it is not already spoiled for you. He may also be ready to take one for the team or the fact that he has trouble taking care of himself which brings us to Gabriel and I don't know why, but something tells me he won't die, at least until next season. But I could be wrong. Call him Theory 3.

Other than a major, MAJOR! character death I have no other assumptions on a death. Someone could die before than too. There is one thing I know for sure, someone is going to die. How do I know this? Its the freakin' Walking Dead, and They, are [The Walking Dead](series:201193)!


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