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Sooo, just gonna get this over with.... I TOLD YOU SO! UH HUH YES I DID! OOOHA OOOHA!!!!...................Okay. now lets get to business!

Well I'm going to do that really bad thing, Assume. I'm going to assume that you all have heard the wonderful new's that our dear beloved childhood web-slinger is finally going to fight the good fight with Ole' Shell Head and the Star Spangled Man. All the information that we've been given is that Andrew Garfield and the rest of ASM crew will no longer be involved. Honestly, ASM 1 was good and ASM 2 was lacking to say the least, but I'm not saying there weren't aspects of both film that I didn't enjoy immensely just not enough to make the movie. Am I disappointed that Andrew is out, a little and also not enough to oppose his leaving. I mean Andrew has been the closest thing to the Comic Book wise cracking web-slinger so far, but so far doesn't make him perfect.

Now I'm going to suggest why and how Spidey can be inserted into the MCU, but first.... THE FAN CAST!!!

  • #1 Numero Uno!!! Dylan O'Brien as Peter Parker

He is pretty much perfect for Peter, I mean look at 'em. He is a dorky comedic actor who has some serious potential to be Spidey. My suggestion of how he get's his powers? Um lets just not focus on it, okay like we've seen the origin twice now and then an investigation on it... Seriously RADIOACTIVE SPIDER, thats about as unfocused and the simplest excuses ever. Everyone is kind of sick of the same basic story over over again.

  • #2! Jason Isaacs as Norman Osborn

Here is where my suggestion comes into play. Instead of making a Spiderman centered film, make it kinda of like the movie 'A Place Beyond the Pines' where every side of the story is expressed. Let me elaborate, Make Norman Osborn an Anti Hero and is a 'Lawful Evil'. How do you do that? Simple this film is in the MCU where another Fortune 500 company exists and goes by Stark Enterprises. Let's say Oscorps is run by a board of corrupt directors and Norman is actively trying to win his company back, but Stark is actively trying to buy it. Norman means well and wants the best for his son, Harry and to protect their namesake. So he develops a Super Solider Serum to save the company, but the board turns it down repeatedly for human trials. (And the Plot thickens) So in a last ditch effort to save his company he tests it on himself. I know just like Willem Dafoe's not instant, it becomes more and more like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Normans Actions would be justified on an Anti-Hero level. And he goes after Tony Stark, but Peter gets in the way. I don't know, I like my Idea I hope you do to!

  • #3 Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Osborn

Your thinking wow, he just chose Malfoy's dad to adopt Harry Potter :) But in all honesty I only made that connection while choosing the photo for the article. However Daniel is a friggin great actor, and while he may don the name Harry again he will be nothing like Potter. Harry Osborn will be that one kid in his freshman year of college that still dates high school girls, he smokes, drinks to much, and is spoiling his potential because his daddy issues. In my version he looses his mother at the beginning of high school and befriend's Peter who had lost his parent's and his uncle too. While Harry was in high school Norman still devastated over the unexpected loss of his wife looses control over his company. He would be to busy to spend time with Harry most of the time, So Harry does as you would expect and acts out. Peter does all he can, and still does to help Harry.

  • #4 Kim Rhodes as Aunt May

Aunt May is younger, and Peter is the product of young mother who made bad choices. So Aunt May took Peter in, she's tough but fair.

  • #5 Aaron Eckhart as Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben, he is that crucial character that defines Peter's moral code. Uncle Ben doesn't die as a result of Peters actions like in the comics, instead he die's protecting Peter from a mugger. He's a little more heroic in my suggestion.

So I hope all you guys enjoyed my post, thank you for reading and comment please!


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