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Im a big movie buff!! I watch a lot of movies

I'm finally caught up with the films I needed to watch in 2014. This year there were some surprisingly great films.

10. Nightcrawler

I thought this movie was great!! It was well done. Jake Gyllenhaal was great in this film! He played that character so well.

9. Snowpiercer

I wasn't sure what to expect from this film. I heard good things so I gave it a shot. I like futuristic movies. The cast was great, the film it was different I liked the idea and had a good plot.

8. Still Alice

Great film, Julianne Moore's performance was great. I think she deserves a Oscar for her performance in this film. Julianne is nominated for leading role. Alec Baldwin was great and I was surprised but Kristen Stewart gave a good performance.

7. Boy Hood

Richard Linklater did a great job on this film. I loved how it was filmed for over 12 years with the same cast. Great cast the film had. Ethan Hawke has a Oscar Nomination for supporting role and so does Patricia Arquette. This film is up for Best Picture and Richard Linklater is up for directing and original screenplay.

6. Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson gave a really good performance. I'll admit the movie is slow but I thought it was really good and well done. I loved the idea of this film and it was really interesting.

5. Mistaken for Strangers

This is a documentary but I loved it. It's about Tom Berninger chronicles his time spent on the road as a member of the tour crew for indie rock band The National. His brother Matt is the lead singer. It was really well done. I really enjoyed this one and I am a fan of The National.

4. Grand Budapest Hotel

I get excited when Wes Anderson has a film coming out. I love his films they are always great! Grand Budapest is up for a Oscar Best Picture and Wes Anderson is up for Directing and original screenplay. The cast was great like always in his films. It was really good.

3. Gone Girl

David Fincher did a great job directing this film. Great cast Ben Affleck was so good in this film, Rosamund Pike is nominated for a Oscar as leading role. Pike was great in this film, she played that character so well.

2. Birdman

Where do I start talking about this film. It was so good and well done. The screen play was great and is nominated for a Oscar. Alejandro did a great job directing this film and is nominated for best director. The cast was great. Micheal Keaton's performance in this film was amazing. Keaton is nominated for a Oscar leading role. I hope he gets it, he did a great job. Edward Norton has a nomination for supporting role and his performance was so good also. Emma Stone is nominated for supporting role she did a great job. Zach Galifianakis and Naomi Watts were also good for there role. Birdman is nominated for best picture.

1. Whiplash

I thought this movie was so good. I loved this film. The cast was great!! J.K. Simmons was phenomenal in this film. Best performance I have seen him in a film. He is nominated for a Oscar supporting role and I hope he gets it. Miles Teller was really good in this film. I liked him in his other films and this was his best performance. He did a great job as well. Whiplash is also nominated for adapted screenplay and best picture.

This year had some great films. If you have seen any of these let me know what you thought of these films or if didn't like them I would still like to know. What's your top 10?


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