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Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt.

It's no surprise that filmmakers have been hiding different secrets in their movies, especially those folks at Pixar and Marvel. Some Easter eggs are well known and some aren't. Well, here are some that aren't necessarily known to everyone.

5. Batman in Watchmen

During the opening credits of Watchmen you can see different events unfold during history. One in particular was when Nightowl was fighting a criminal in an alley to protect a family. It was later confirmed that that was the Wayne family and that the criminal was Joe Chill, who Nightowl defeated. Meaning that Bruce's parents were not killed, preventing him from becoming Batman. Watchmen is set in an alternative universe after all.

4. N7 jacket in The Expendables 3.

This is for the Mass Effect fans like myself out there. Now it's I guess less of an Easter egg and more of a goody. At one point in the movie when returning from a mission and they are in the van you can see an N7 jacket hanging on the wall. I guess Stallone is a Mass Effect fan.

3. Klaatu, Barada, and Nikto aliens working for Jabba

In Return Of The Jedi, Jabba had three alien guards working for him, and they were named after the robot foiling code words from The Day the Earth Stood Still. It was more subtle then the reference in Army of Darkness, yet also less classic then that Easter Egg.

2. Freddy's glove in Evil Dead 2

In the second Evil Dead movie, when Ash runs into the tool shed with his girlfriend's severed head gnawing on his hand, he enters the shed, and if you look at the top of the door you can see Freddy Kreuger's glove hanging on top of it.

1. Flux Capacitor in Polar Express

Most people usually wonder how Santa manages to deliver presents to everyone around the world. Well, this is why! Because in one scene of the film when the characters are in the cabin of the train you can see a Flux Capacitor on the wall. To top it off there is a scene where the train comes to a stop right in front of the camera like in Back to The Future Part 3, and the Hero Boy even quotes Doc Brown by saying "I've always wanted to do that,!" once again like in Back to The Future Part 3.

So, see anything that you never caught? Of course this is only a small number of the innumerable treats left in movies.


So which Easter Egg surprised you the most?


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