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The many stories of Spiderman.

Spiderman IS [Marvel](channel:932254)'s most popular character that's a fact, whether you agree or not. Spiderman has had a large amount of story lines and variations through the ages. Most of which were insanely popular. Here is a list of different ones that desperately need a movie adaptation.

5. Secret Wars

Okay so this is less of a Spiderman story arc and more of just a general Marvel story line. This story is about a cosmic entity called the Beyonder who observes the mainstream Marvel characters. He then teleports different heroes and villains to Battleworld. Basically it's slay your enemies and get all that you desire. This story is what led to the origins of Venom and where Spiderman got the black symbiote suit. This story could be a great MCU crossover once they establish who will play spiderman now.

4. Identity Crisis

This story basically revolves around Spiderman being framed for murder so he adopts different identities and goes undercover to find out the truth. This story would be great in movie form. The comic version was split into 4 issues, but i think they could pack them into one movie. This is one I think Andrew Garfield could have done well. And i was not a fan of his portrayal.

3. Back in Black

This story Arc takes place after the Civil War story line, which marvel is currently in the works of adapting for film, so this would be great as a spin-off/sequel. The story follows Peter Parker going after the person who shot Aunt May. In the story arc Spiderman wears a black suit that he made and modeled after the Venom symbiote as a way of representing his rage and anger. It follows Peter's rage and how he would do nearly anything to find those responsible. I think it would be awesome to see a darker grittier Spiderman film released.

2. The Clone Saga

A personal favorite of fans, as it introduces Ben Reilly AKA the Scarlet Spider. The story essentially has a former teacher who had a secret infatuation with her, make a clone of her and peter. He finds out Peter is Spiderman and peter is abducted and forced to battle his clone. The clone survives the battle, and adopts the name Ben Reilly, who is named after Uncle Ben and Aunt May's surname, and then eventually becomes the Scarlet Spider. I think this would make both an excellent sequel and start for a spin-off. As long as it done right that is.

1. Maximum Carnage

This is the one I would personally like to see to see. It starts with the creation of Carnage AKA Cletus Kasady, the spawn of the Venom symbiote. It leads to Spiderman and Venom and a few other characters teaming up to stop Carnage and his army of symbiotes. This one I would like to see because i have always loved [Venom](movie:372411) and the other symbiotes which are plentiful is this story arc. Now of course being a Venom fan i want to see him done right unlike Spiderman 3. So have some one cool play as venom and have someone who makes a believable psychopath play Carnage. This though could only be done after they introduce venom in this new line of Spiderman films they are producing.

Now there are tons more Spiderman stories that would make great movies. But i chose a few that not only I would like but that are personally beloved by fans. But these are only a few that I believe would make great movies.


Which story arc would you like to see be adapted as a movie?


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