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So what up with that unite the seven is seas or the seven heroes justice league so if that case then we

The main player / trinity

#1 Batman

#2 Superman

#3 Wonder woman

Cameo maybe but not more than 10 minutes screen time

#4 Aquaman

#5 Cybrog -will he even suit in already ?

Now rumour say

We have Flash too


So... Now plot twist unite the seven that's only six !?!?

Who the seven then let's think maybe Shazam his movie is gonna come out before 2020

#6 Shazam ?

Or is it green latern we gonna see ? Maybe the next green latern won't be a origin reboot

#6 green latern ?

So what u guys think ? Let me hear u out in comment

This is my first post here so be a patient and easy on me thank for reading


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