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WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead!

After last week's relatively depressing episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), this week told a very different story for Rick and the gang! New characters, a new setting, and some on-point call backs all made episode 11, "The Distance," a brilliant hour of television.

The episode was pretty busy with a lot of small events happening all throughout, so why don't you take a look at these five things that you may have missed from Season 5, episode 11 "The Distance"?

1. A reference to Terminus was the reason Aaron got punched

Season 5 seems to be a great season for characters decking each other. First we had Abraham's massive KO hit on Eugene in episode 5, and last night Rick knocked Aaron to the ground, silencing his pitch convincing the group to come back to his community. But what was it that set Rick off so much that he felt he needed to hit Aaron instead of just getting members of the group to hold him down? Well, it might have had something to do with this part of Aaron's speech:

Like I said, security is obviously important, in fact there's only one resource more critical to our community's survival: The people. Together we're strong, you can make us even stronger.

Sounds like pretty good stuff, right? And in any other group it might have sealed the deal, except for the fact that this particular group had already heard a similar line back at Terminus. In the Season 4 finale Michonne asked Termite Alex, "Why do you do it? Why do you let people in?" and Alex replied:

When people become a part of us we get stronger.

Of course, soon after we realized that he meant that quite literally.

Obviously, this line from Aaron was pretty triggering for Rick, and the best course of action? A quick punch to the face.

2. Michonne is the new Tyreese

After Tyreese died in episode 9, there has a been a bit of a hole in the group. Tyreese often spoke up with alternative plans or questioned actions, particularly Rick's, when he thought there could be an alternative solution. While Michonne isn't quite the same as Tyreese (she certainly never hesitates at killing walkers or even people if it means protecting the group), she does seem to have stepped into his shoes, speaking up to Rick, or attempting to reason with him, when she deems necessary.

Danai Gurira, the actress who plays Michonne, even spoke about Michonne becoming a sort of "guardian of hope" within the group during The Talking Dead episode immediately after the show, something which certainly paid off by the end of the episode when they finally reached Alexandria.

3. There was a cool reference to the comic

With the group on their way to Alexandria, they split into two vehicles. While most ended up in the RV; Glenn, Rick, Michonne and Aaron went ahead in the car, where, without the use of lights, the soon found themselves mowing through a huge herd of walkers. In fact, it was an awful lot like this scene from the comic series:

While the storyline of the herd scene in the TV show was quite different from the comic series, it was still a very nice touch that they included it in the show for fans of the comic and provided a pretty tense few minutes of viewing.

4. A past and a future storyline were alluded to

Toward the end of the episode, Aaron asks Noah about his leg injury and mentions that at Alexandria they have a surgeon, named Pete, who might be able to help Noah with fixing his leg. The exchange may have seemed like nothing more than Aaron further extending the olive branch, but it also possibly alluded to a future storyline.

In the comic series there is also a doctor named Pete who has a pretty major storyline involving him, Rick and domestic abuse, not too long after the group arrive at Alexandria. I won't spoil it, but the fact that he was mentioned in this episode definitely indicates that the writers intend to bring his storyline into the show at some point in the future.

The other storyline that was mentioned was one from way back in Season 2; a small, but a very thoughtful, callback to a much loved character: Dale.

Just when it seemed like the group might make it to Alexandria without any hiccups, the RV had to go and get a flat battery. The group may have had to walk the rest of the way had it not been for Glenn who knew where the second battery was stored. The reason Glenn had known this was because back in Season 2, episode 1 Dale had taught Glenn how to repair his much-loved RV just before Sophia got lost in the woods. When Abraham asked Glenn how he knew that the battery was stored there, Glenn simply gave a small smile and the two quickly got to work repairing the vehicle.

5. The younger residents of Alexandria convinced Rick

Halfway through the episode, Rick and Michonne discuss Woodbury and Terminus, the former walled communities that were completely silent from the outside, and also hid dark secrets. Rick tells Michonne that once the group reaches the walls of Alexandria he has no idea if anything could convince him to take his children inside a fortified community ever again.

When the group finally reaches the gates, Rick waits in the car, the camera zooms in at a look of deep concern on his face, but soon enough Rick's expression softens as he notes the only thing that could have convinced him to bring his children inside Alexandria: the sound laughter of children from inside the walls.

BONUS: Rick (sort of) broke the fourth wall

When Aaron is trying to convince Rick to bring the group to Alexandria, Rick sends the group off for 60 minutes to scout the area. While Rick, Judith and Aaron are waiting for their return, Rick points out Aaron has 43 minutes for the others to return with news or he will be killed. 43 minutes is, coincidentally, the exact run time of the episode, without ads.

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What was your favorite part of The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 11?

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