ByMike C. Barela, writer at
Love all Comic Book Superheroes and I love Sci-Fi Monster Movies.

I need "Toho" to sell or give me the rights to this classic Sci-Fi (War of the Gargantuas). This is one, that really needs to be remade. I would take the rights and some of my ideas I have for the movie, to "Legendary Pictures" and we can make a classic into a masterpiece. The reason for me choosing Legendary Pictures is that they have the creative edge right now and anything they touch will be gold. So Mr. CEO: Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures, how does that sound? This is a Mission of mine to have this remade the right way, it is my favorite Sci-Fi Movie of all time and I believe that if properly redone, it would be talked about for ages. Alright, let me get back to dreaming and plotting.


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