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When you've played and watched as much Pokemon as I have, reality and fiction gradually begin to blur into one another, and you start to wonder - if people were Pokemon, which Pocket Monster incarnation would they take the form of?

Reddit user averyboredperson must be on my delirious sort of level, as they've just posted this spectacularly on-the-money image album that matches well-known faces with their Poke-parallel doppelgängers. Take a look and see if you agree with the comparisons!

Parallel plants

These three sprouting successes may have their roots in showbiz, but have they ever thought about loaning their appearances out to these lookalike vine-whipers?

Wat-er likeness!

I wouldn't want to get in the way of Liv Tyler's Hydro Pumps!

Girls on fire

There's no doubt that these three celebs are hot stuff - Quinn and Charmander bear a particularly striking resemblance.

Three blonde mice

Theron certainly has a spark in her tail, making her a perfect match for this electrifying mouse!

Comedy Rockstars

Hill is a dude, Rogen a rough, gruff charmer, and Zach is just a giant ball of fun!

Cuddly stars

Okay, maybe this only works for early-era Bieber. He's a little more 'Ghastly' nowadays.

Three of a kind

A cutie-pie, a charmer and a... lightening thing. Yep, that checks out.

Like looking in the reflection of a spoon

Abra always seemed like one smooth operator, nonchalantly teleporting out of any party that wasn't worth his time, which is also a pretty accurate representation of how I imagine these three Hollywood A-listers to be.

Duck-tailed doppelgängers

A little nuts, kinda yellow, sometimes incomprehensible but often amusing. I had no idea what kindred spirits Faris and Psyduck truly are!

Fiery heroines

Always galloping ahead of the pack, these two acting powerhouses share the flame-hot passion and effortless elegance of their Poke-counterparts.

Spitting Image

Lamar is cool, but - as was proved once again at The Grammy's this year - Kanye is just cruel. Plus, remember all his tentacles no one ever seems to talk about?

Cat's Just Uncanny

These two felines may be of the same species, but Cruz is definitely the sophisticated sphinx to Black's enthusiastic kitten.

If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be? Tell us in the comments!

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Do these celeb/Pokemon counterparts match up?


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