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Cue John Williams' unforgettable rousing theme tune - Indy is back, and Steven Spielberg has found the perfect lead to head up the franchise's epic reboot.

Deadline reports that the legendary director - who helmed all four of Indiana Jones' globetrotting theatrical adventures - has chosen to place Harrison Ford's prestigious whip in the trusty hands of Christ Pratt!

A New Indy is Chris-tened

Rumors began circulating last month signaling Pratt was Disney's first choice for the upcoming reboot. Now, it seems the project is gaining some serious traction, with Spielberg looking likely to hop back in the director's chair for another round of mystical intrigue and good ol' fashioned treasure hunting.

According to Deadline:

It’s very early days, but my sources tell me that, assuming a script comes in to his satisfaction, Spielberg hopes to direct that film.

As I think most Indy-fans would agree, this couldn't be better news! Spielberg's established history with the franchise, combined with Pratt's fresh new take on the legendary pulp action hero, could equal cinematic gold! Let's just hope the script is more in line with the original trilogy's tone, free from any fridge-related nuclear disasters...

3 Reasons Why Pratt Is Perfect

Who would've thought that Andy Dwyer, the endearingly awkward side character from Parks and Rec, would go on to play Indiana freakin' Jones?!

Watching the now A-list star blossom throughout his career has been truly inspiring, and there's no doubt that the hugely talented actor is thoroughly deserving of all his success. Here's why I believe he'll make a stella Indy...

1. He's a treasure chest of charming wit and superb comic timing

As Harrison Ford proved, an integral part of Indy's character is the light-hearted bravado he projects in the face of immense danger. Luckily, Pratt has displayed his comedic chops time and time again, leaving me in stitches with his performance as Emmet in The Lego Movie, not to mention the excellent comic relief he provided in Marvel's terrific Guardians of the Galaxy.

The actor has an esteemed history in comedy (anyone remember his early performance as the hilarious hippie stoner Ché in The OC?) and will no doubt excel as the irreverent adventurer, too.

2. He's a Lovable Underdog

Which, let's face it, pretty much describes Indy himself - It's one of the reasons why we love him so much. Whether he's fist-fighting a human giant on the wing of a moving plane, or facing his crippling fear of slimy reptiles, Indiana often has the odds stacked against him.

We all love to root for the unlikely hero, and Chris Pratt fills that role perfectly. After all, I'm sure no one is more surprised about being tapped for Indy than the actor himself, who began his career as a homeless dropout sleeping on a beach in Maui! You earned this moment, Chris.

3. It's Perfect Timing

Much like Harrison Ford back when Raiders was released in 1981, Pratt is on a Hollywood hot streak at the moment. Ford was transformed into an international mega-star with the release of Star Wars in 1977; very similar to what Guardians has done for Chris. Indiana Jones is just what Pratt needs to seal his status as a cinema legend, and I think he's absolutely ready for it!

At 35, he's not the youngest of candidates - but remember, Ford was 38 when he filmed the first Indy movie. The adventure was never meant to be a young hero - he's battle hardened, slightly cynical and experienced.

Plus, Spielberg and Pratt already have a working relationship, after the director hand picked him to star in another one of his franchises' reboots, Jurassic World. Could he be set to become Spielberg's new golden boy?

The Adventure Continues...

I for one cannot wait for the the franchise's return, especially after hearing that Spielberg is on board to direct! Though one vital question still remains: Will Harrison be on hand to offer some sage advice to his new protege? Here's hoping for a cheeky guest cameo...

What do you think - Is Pratt a worthy replacement as Indy?

(Sources: Geek Tyrant, Deadline)


Is Pratt the right choice?


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