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WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV series ahead!

Despite the episode 11, "The Distance" of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) being jammed packed with loads of new info and characters, we were still left with one hell of a cliff hanger when Rick and the group ended up outside the gates of Aaron and Eric's walled community, Alexandria.

With promises of high, impenetrable walls, houses and safe places for babies to cry as loudly as they can, on the outset Alexandria seems like it could be the kind of place the group has been seeking ever since the prison was attacked back in Season 4. But what exactly is Alexandria and how did it come about? Read on and check out all the must-have info on this mysterious new setting:

What is Alexandria?

Alexandria, also called the Alexandria Safe-Zone, is a few blocks of cleared streets in Alexandria, Virginia, about six miles from Washington, D.C. It was started by a man named Alexander Davidson (a former security liaison for the White House) and his friend Douglas Monroe who built strong walls all around the area. Davidson was later banished from the community after abusing his power, and Douglas Monroe became the leader of the zone.

How many people live there?

In the comic series Rick and his group bring the numbers in Alexandria to over 60, which isn't too much more than Woodbury had back in Season 3 of the show (53 with a 54th on the way).

The zone originally contained two streets of houses, a meeting house, a storehouse and infirmary and had many different professions living in it including doctors, construction workers and former U.S. Congressman.

Is this a long term destination?

Yes! If the Alexandria in the TV series is similar to the Alexandria in the comic series then we can expect the walled community to become a permanent base for Rick and the group for quite some time. Of course, as with anything in The Walking Dead, Alexandria and its residents go through their share of challenges (which I'm not going to spoil for you here), but as far as the question of whether or not the community is a safe place or a trap, I'm happy to say that it looks like the group may have found a good place to call home for the next while.

Reaching Alexandria will be a very interesting point for the show, because we will undoubtedly have a shift to seeing more and more conflicts between people (as opposed to humans vs. walkers) as we meet a slew of new characters, and the group adapts to life within the walls.

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