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Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) was jam packed with action and adventure, but despite all that it still left us at a bit of a cliff hanger, ending with the group ending up outside the gates of walled community, Alexandria.

In the latest promo video for episode 12, titled "Remember" we get a small tease of what lies inside those walls as the video shows small snippets of the group surveying this new place. The teaser obviously wants us to feel very apprehensive about Alexandria, and the characters appear to be approaching the situation very carefully due to their years of conditioning.

Take a look at the highlights from the promo and then watch the whole thing at the bottom of the article:

The promo starts off where episode 11 ended

Episode 11 of The Walking Dead ended just as the group reached the gates of Alexandria. Episode 12 looks to pick up from this exact moment, really enforcing the point that this is a momentous occasion for the characters.

The gates close behind the group

For better or worse the group enters Alexandria, but are they safe and secure behind those bars, or trapped? None of them look particularly convinced either way.

Some of the group survey a house

Some of the group stand outside a very nice looking house within the community's walls. Perhaps this house belongs to some sort of leader, or maybe it will even become their home?

Rick is uneasy indoors

Inside, what looks to be the same house as the scene above, Rick enters the living room and takes a cautious glance around. Perhaps the pile of freshly laundered linen and a dust-free house is too suspicious for this grizzled apocalypse survivor. Surely there must be more than what meets the eye?

Daryl prefers to stay outside

While Rick (and Carl) seem to be checking out the indoors, Daryl takes a rest on the porch outside, though his trusty bow is not far from his side.

Carl finds something suspicious

After climbing the stairs, Carl quickly draws his knife and approaches a closed door, which he opens right at the end of the promo.

Watch the whole video below:

While the promo is only 32 seconds long it certainly throws in a lot of intrigue. While I'm not exactly convinced that all of the suspense is totally warranted, it certainly shows that despite their initial acceptance that Alexandria is probably a good place, they are still keeping their wits about them. What do you think?

What part of the promo intrigued you the most? Tell me below!

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