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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There are few things quite so squeamishly awkward as watching a sex scene with your parents. Damn you, apparently family-friendly movies that get all hot & heavy at some random point!

Are you gonna sit there, face burning with uncomfortable imaginings as James Bond starts humping, playing a silent game of chicken with your mom as to who will crack and run out for a cup of tea first?

Now imagine that dilemma times a million - the sex scene is about you, in the biggest movie of the year. That's the very real struggle that Dakota Johnson - star of kinky romp Fifty Shades of Grey faces in this super-awks interview with ABC's Lara Spencer - is experiencing as she talks with her mom, Melanie Griffith.

Melanie is obviously very proud of her daughter, and they're two generations of powerful actresses right here - but check out their mother-daughter awks moments that we can all relate to...

Interviewer calls Dakota 'your little girl'

... to which Dakota pulls the exact face of so many teenagers before her, as well-meaning relatives seem to think that your proximity to your mother reduces your age to, like, five.

Melanie, the older and wiser of the pair, laughs it over

Dakota's face is all, 'welp, this is gonna be awkward.'

Oh. This face. Hello, old friend.

This is the universal 'Oh Lord, My Mom is about to say something awful' face.

Teenage Shrug...

Followed by intent watching of mother's face, lest something terrible creep out.

Then ABC's Lara Spencer drops the Grey-bomb - are you gonna see your daughter in Fifty Shades?

Nope. No, Melanie Griffith is very against that.

Dakota's reply is priceless!

Good on you, Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson for taking on that *MAJOR AWKS* parent + sex scene moment and working it!

What was your worst awkward sexy-movie-in-the-company-of-a-parent moment?

Source: ABC, Youtube, Yahoo


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