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With all of the impossibly glossy red carpet coverage of the Oscars, it's hard to know how the stars actually feel about the biggest award show in tinseltown.

Luckily, the art of the Selfie and some stealthy backstage snappers have given us a little peek behind the scenes and revealed just how fun a room of drunk people getting prizes can be!

So, if you wanted to know what Maroon 5 were up to in the bathroom or just how moved Julianne Moore was by her Oscar, this is the photo album for you.

Smooth Legs Meets Smooth Tux

Anna Farris is a gal who clearly shares my attitude toward over-the-top red carpet regimes.

Timely Tatum

Channing Tatum was snapping away before the Oscar's even began. That's dedication.

This picture of Meryl Streep and J.Lo is awesome, but Lopez's hilarious hashtag is possibly even better!

Even Oprah's Gotta Practice

Just make sure you don't say envelope there... That would be awkward.

Rehearsing is Piss Easy for Maroon 5

Maroon 5 are just so rock-and-roll, man.

Cinderella is the New Black

I want to be on their team!

Chrissy's Cavity Search

I know security is tight and all, but do you really have to search in there, Chrissy?!

Ravishing Rita

Even the beautiful Rita Ora needs a bit of help on Oscars night.

The Common Touch

I can't tell whether Jennifer Hudson is overjoyed or furious about Common's Oscar, but I'm going to go for the former!

Photobomb in Motion

Here's scientific proof that Reece Witherspoon is a veritable photobomb lightening rod.

Moore Emotion

Julianne Moore's face says it all.

The Still Before the Storm

John Legend and Common took a moment backstage before they blew the crowds away with their emotional performance of "Glory."

Waiting in the Wings

If you thought that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan didn't have any chemistry, check out the fizzling social interaction between her and Liam Neeson!

Channalo 4LYF!

Can we make Channalo a thing already because these guys are so cute together!


We are all Jennifer Aniston.

(Source: Buzzfeed and Red Carpet Studio)


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