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The trials and tribulations of adolescence are always savage, but when you have someone to share those times with, things suddenly don't seem quite as horrific, acne spattered and hormonal.

I really feel like I grew up with the cast of Dawson's Creek and it was one of my favorite shows when I was a young teenager. I didn't care that the cast all looked suspiciously mature for high school or that Dawson was a bit of a Spielberg obsessed weirdo.

Being from England, this was one of the first American teen shows to permeate the pop culture of my generation and if you didn't have an opinion on Joey and Pacey, you were a total nobody.

Dawson's Creek was always a show that felt like it was talking directly to me, instead of down at me when I was a teenager and this pretty much sums up how I felt when the show ended:

But, what have the stars been up too since the series brutally ended with Jen's tragic death?

James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery)

Age Now: 37

What's He Been Up To? After Dawson's Creek had dried up, James Van Der Beek broke into the big screen with the box office topping football movie Varsity Blues (1999).

Van Der Beek's most successful foray onto the big screen was probably The Rules of Attraction in 2002 where he starred as Sean Bateman alongside fellow teen heartthrob, Ian Somerhalder.

More recently, James Van Der Beek played a ficitonalized version of himself in the hilarious, but sadly cancelled comedy show Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.

Fun Fact: The necklace that Dawson wore in every episode of Dawson's Creek was actually made by James Van Der Beek's real mother.

Joshua Jackson (Pacey Witter)

Age Now: 36

What's He Been Up To? Joshua Jackson started taking on movie roles while he was still filming Dawson's Creek. You might remember him from 1999's Cruel Intentions and The Safety of Objects (2001).

Shortly after Dawson's Creek ended, Jackson continued his movie career by taking a part in 2005's Americano alongside Dennis Hopper, amongst other lesser known roles.

In 2008 Jackson moved into producing with the Canadian independent film One Week which received critical acclaim and earned Jackson a Genie Award for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.

Fun Fact: Jason Biggs also auditioned for the part of Pacey, but thankfully, he was beaten to the finish line by the adorable Jackson.

Michelle Williams (Jen Lindley)

Age Now: 34

What's She Been Up To? In a roundabout way, Michelle Williams credits her success breaking into mainstream movie roles as an adult. She explained :

Being on a show like Dawson's Creek for so long spend so much of the year doing something you are not entirely invested in. So when you devote yourself to nine months of the year to that kind of work, you have to make awfully certain that you spend the three precious months off in a way that's true and not time-wasting.

After dying and making us all ugly cry in Dawson's Creek, Williams leapt immediately into Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and made us scream instead.

Williams has taken on roles in a huge variety of movies, but her most famous and critically acclaimed turns include playing Alma in Brokeback Mountain (a role that she received an Oscar nomination for) and starring as Marilyn in her Golden Globe winning performance in My Week with Marilyn (2011).

Williams is also famous for the tragic loss of her ex-fiancee, Heath Ledger, in 2008.

Fun Fact: Michelle Williams was legally emancipated from her parents at the age of 15 so she could pursue her acting career without worrying about child labor laws. Her parents approved of this choice and supported her throughout the process.

Katie Holmes (Joey Potter)

Age Now: 36

What's She Been Up To? Katie Holmes is most famous for marrying the grand master of Scientology, Tom Cruise, and then fleeing in the night with their daughter Suri, reportedly to escape the religion. She's also done an impressive amount of acting for good measure.

Holmes is totally at home on the silver screen and her most famous roles are playing Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and starring alongside Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill.

More recently, Holmes has taken on roles in 2014's The Giver and played the prim and proper vigilante lead in Miss Meadows.

Fun Fact: Katie Holmes was born two months premature weighing just four pounds.


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