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Nintendo's iconic video game character Samus Aran stepped into gaming's history books when she shocked players around the world with nothing other than her gender.

That's right, the 1986 Famicom classic, Metroid, subverted all expectations by featuring one of the first ever female protagonists, and she's become a beacon of feminine power ever since! As a Ripley-esque symbol for the industry, it's not surprising Samus has been such a popular choice for cosplayers - but I've never seen any outfits quite as awesomely terrifying as this one.

Allison Tatarniuk (Kitnip Cosplay) is the mastermind behind this creepy ensemble, creatively re-purposing her old Samus costume, which looked like this...

...Into this!

Zombie Samus! Luckily, I can't see her biting through that helmet anytime soon...

Err, I think she's looking at you

The green glow of her suit really adds to the horrifying effect!


What a fantastic spin on an old classic. The suited up bounty hunter looks like she means business! I wouldn't want to encounter her in a dark alley...

I could use a hand

Is this what happens after the game over screen?

This really makes me want a zombie-based Metroid game now. Make it happen Nintendo!

[Source: Kotaku]


Should Nintendo incorporate zombie Samus into a new game?


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