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Now, for a lot of people, superhero movies and comic-books are pretty simple things - pure entertainment, sure, but not much more.

To those who truly know and love them, though, they can often be a whole lot more. They can show us the difference between right and wrong - and the grey area in between. They can shape our understanding of equality, decency, fairness, justice, and honesty - all the while showing bad-guys getting walloped. They can even help us to understand who we are ourselves - just like any other form of literature or art.

And, as these 6 awesome images recently created by Dorkly prove, they can sometimes teach us some of the most important lessons that we'll ever learn, including:

1. Spider-Man's Valuable Lesson to Employees Everywhere

Though, in fairness, there aren't too many bosses out there as bad as J. Jonah Jameson.

2. The Bat-Family's Touching Tribute to Friendship

Just...don't ask about the Red Hood...

3. Iron Man's Entrepreneurial Spirit

And then, y'know, try not to invent a genocidal robot that quickly turns on you.

4. Superman Makes a Tangible Difference

Which is...actually just a downright beautiful image...

5. Wonder Woman Helps to Change the World

Alongside several billion other bad-ass women...

And, finally:

6. Things Get Fundamentally Sad (Sometimes)

But, even for Hawkeye and Aquaman, there's always a friend there to help you through...

Nicely played, Dorkly...Nicely played indeed...

What do you guys think, though? Any other awesome superheroic life lessons out there? And are there any particular superheroic quotes or lessons that mean a lot to you?

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