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The Academy Awards are normally a more serious affair, but that's not to say they're not interspersed with moments of levity. One of this year's most fun and memorable highlights came thanks to the LEGO Movie. While it was snubbed in the Best Animated Picture Category leading to a collective...

The movie's theme song "Everything is Awesome" was still nominated for Best Original Song. And even though the song lost to [Selma](movie:1041230)'s "Glory," Tegan, Sara, and the boys of Lonely Island, made sure that everyone remembered just how awesome they are, with or without the accolades.

Oscar Weildig Cowboys

Because why wouldn't there be?

Steve Carrell & Channing Tatum

If they can't get real Oscars for their work in [Foxcatcher](movie:264060), a LEGO Oscar is a pretty good substitute.

Will Arnett & Questlove

Who knew Batman could play guitar?

Mark Mothersbaugh

LEGO Movie composer Mark Mothersbaugh showed up wearing his iconic Devo hat.


Yay Oprah! She was definitely the most excited out of anyone to receive this awesome statue.

Sure, it all seemed like some eight-year-old's strange fever fueled dream, but isn't that the whole point of [The LEGO Movie](movie:376368)?

[The LEGO Movie 2](movie:1231804) is currently set to be released on May 26, 2017. Maybe this time it'll get the Academy Award it deserves!


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