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With all the massive robots fighting equally massive monsters, if might be easy to forget that Pacific Rim also featured some rather well-executed fight scenes between normal flesh-and-blood human beings.

Before the film really starts to crank up the CGI-monster madness, there is one scene in which Raleigh takes on Mako during the Candidate Trials. Now the lead actor and stuntman of the upcoming Kickboxer reboot, Alian Moussi, has posted up two videos showing the pre-vizualization of some of Pacific Rim's fight scenes.

Both videos were originally developed for Pacific Rim by stunt coordinator Brad Allan, and show these stuntmen placeholders in a variety of fighting styles. The first video shows Raleigh and Mako's staff combat, as well as what appears to be a second unused fight possibly between Raleigh and Stacker (Idris Elba). The second appears to show a lengthier fight between Raleigh and Chuck. The acting and sound effects might not be so great, but the stunt work certainly is. Check them out below:

So, how much of this pre-visualization actually made in into the final product?

Well, you can see the final versions of these fight scenes in the videos below:

Pacific Rim 2 is currently in development, with Guillermo del Toro once again taking the helm. He's promised even more spectacular CGI battles, as well as learning more about the Kaiju, but do you still hope to see some more practical action scenes like the ones above?

Source: ComicbookMovie


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