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You may have dyed your hair a platinum blonde, become accustomed to the violet (in the books) contact lenses and crafted yourself some wonderful garments woven from the finest paper silks and sturdy leathers, but still you're missing that vital ingredient to finally make your Khaleesi cosplay, or an extravagant trip to the supermarket, click.

Well fret no more, eager Thrones fan, for over on Etsy lies the answer to your costumed troubles!

Mother (Or Father) Of Dragons

Etsy shop owner Kilroy's Attic has created a set of hand-sculpted rings based on the winged children of Daenerys Targaryen - Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon, and they really are quite special!

Freshy hatched Drogon
Freshy hatched Drogon

Each ring, cast in metallique resin, scarlet mica and dusted in stainless steel, stands at 1.5 inches high, 1 inch wide & 3 inches long and can fit fingers from U.S. size 5 to U.S. size 14 (and half sizes too).

Naaw, cute lil dragon baby!
Naaw, cute lil dragon baby!

The rings come complete with their very own egg which acts as its jewelry box, and a stand crafted in the shape of three Dothraki "Arakhs." The eggs are 3.75 inches in length by 2.25 inches in width with a shell thickness just under a quarter of an inch, making them rather sturdy and hopefully impervious to funeral pyres.

A throne for a prince.
A throne for a prince.

At $70, you can't really go wrong with these beautiful creations, so get over to Kilroy's Attic and nab yourself a few or the whole set! They're available for a lower price without the egg...

What do you say?

(Source: Kilroy's Attic via Etsy)


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