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Welcome back, class.

It’s that time again. LETS! HAVE! SOME! FACTS!

Posting after the Oscars, it might have made sense to do an Oscar-facts-special. Yeah that would be good if someone did that…

Moving on!

11. Jim Cameo

Lemme show ya somethin
Lemme show ya somethin

Cameos are always fun. We will talk about a few in this post, I promise. But can you have a cameo in a film you’re already staring in? Jim can! In Liar Liar he pulls it off. Without spoiling too much: his character ends up on an ambulance bed with a little crowd around him.

His ex-wife, her boyfriend and son make their way to the crowd to talk to him. Remember the scene? If you have the movie, put it on and skip to that scene.

Now, look at the fireman in the crowd. Looks familiar, doesn’t he? It’s in an inside joke and reference to another Jim Carrey character, Firemarshall Bill.

12. The A is for Ash

The Alien franchise has had a weird obsession with the alphabet. The androids names are alphabetized and in order. Weird, right?

We had the android Ash in Alien, Bishop in Aliens, Call in Alien: Resurrection and just for good measure, the android in Prometheus? David.

Nolan movies also like playing with letters, but I think most of the class already knows this. The first letters of the main characters in The Prestige spell ABRA, as in abracadabra, and the initials of the Inception characters spells DREAMS.

13. Tyler Durden on Facebook

David Fincher makes awesome movies. Yes, I just said that in a blog all about facts. And there is a pretty cool little Easter egg in The Social Network not many people know about. So, you can have this one as an icebreaker, thank me later!

Remember the scene where Mark is asking questions about his homework on Facebook? Ever noticed the name he uses? That’s right.

The first rule of Facebook...
The first rule of Facebook...

14. “There I was…mother of God, there I am!”

It is writer-cameo mania! Start the music, Johnny!

The writer of the novels Fight Club and Choke can be seen in the latter sitting next to Victor, the main character of Choke, on a plane.

Stan Lee is of course in pretty much everything Marvel does.

Hunter S. Thompson gets noticed by the movie version of himself in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (see subtitle).

The guy that gives the “opium suppositories” to Mark in Trainspotting, which is followed by the famous "Worst Toilet in Scotland" scene... yeah, that drug dealer? Only the author of the book, Irvine Welsh.

There are many more, but these are a few of my favorites.

And if we are not strictly talking about writers. The French policeman that arrested Leo’s character in Catch Me If You Can? Only the real Frank Abagnale Jr. I might give a few more the next time if you promise to behave.

Stephen King in Pet Cemetery. He did alot of cameo
Stephen King in Pet Cemetery. He did alot of cameo

15. There will be smoke

There Will Be Blood was shot at the same time as No Country for Old Men. And not only shot at the same time, they were shot on neighboring Texan locations. The famous burning of the oil derrick in There Will Be Blood actually forced a days delay for the Coen Brothers' movie as smoke from the derrick ruined the shot they had set up that day.

And thats all I have for today!

The other parts can be found on my profile. They really have taken of thanks to the Facebook mentions, so thanks for that and I talk to you guys and girls later.

Class dismissed.


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