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My personal thought :"This movie is overrated.".Some person say is a beautiful film that suitable for all ages, that why it's include so many famous actors and actresses. The other say this movies basically sucks. Now I gonna tell how I felt about this movie .

The movie is so long but I can recap the whole damn thing in 2 minutes. They sang for like 3/4 the movie. And nobody even like the song . Dear the song-writer: Repeating some words countless times doesn't make the song a catchy song.It's just make it a Justin Bieber's song.

The cast is most likely the main reason anybody want to watch this film.But they shouldn't cast Anna Kendrick . I'm a huge fan of her, she is talented , she could sing and she is beautiful. But she isn't blonde and I don't think she is Cinderella a like.Sorry. And what have they done to Chris Pine's hair? Meryl Streep is amazing as usual but I HATE her character The Witch. I don't think that character has any deep in it

The pilot twist in the end really got me. I think that the only think I like about the movie. And sins? A lot . I can tell some that I remember:

1,Cinderella sit on the stairs of the palace bitching and singing , thinking out loud for like haft an hour without the Prince notice

2,Toe cutting, sniffing boobs, making out by the river in a PG movie?

3,Where is Cinderella get that hell of a beans?

4,Why does Cinderella know about the tree from the start and she only wish when the festival starts? She can always wish she have super powers or became a Victoria Secret's model slash billionaire.AMIRITE?

5, And now I can clearly see why the stepmother and sisters hate her? She spends too much time moaning under that tree even though her mother has became a goddess or fairy, you know what i mean.

Conclusion: This movie is too long and it's a total waste of time. But if it's 1 hour shorter it could have been a great film for people who like fairytales.


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