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We've been hearing a good amount of rumors leading up to [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) about what kind of role our new hope hero Luke Skywalker will play in this first adventure of the next trilogy. Now, as seems to be the case pretty much every other day, a new rumor is getting shared via Making Star Wars and Star Wars 7 News that claims there may be very little actual screen time for Mark Hamill's Jedi.

Luke Skywalker: the most mysterious Jedi.
Luke Skywalker: the most mysterious Jedi.

Another Day, Another Rumor?

Previous to this new claim, there were more than a few Luke Skywalker shaped pieces that seemed to be falling place. He seemed to be shaping up into a figure that was mostly sticking to the shadows, maybe guarding some Sith tomb that contains an ancient, evil power and developing a long gestating plan that could involve his son and some other Jedi's he has been training over the years.

The new rumor puts his sole appearance as a big cliffhanger reveal that would occur at the very end of the film when Finn and Rey finally deliver the lightsaber that is setting this new movie in motion back into Luke Skywalker's hands.

Will Episode 7 begin & end with Luke's lightsaber?
Will Episode 7 begin & end with Luke's lightsaber?

Saving Luke for Last?

In some ways this new claim is much like some of the more recent rumors in that it kind of makes sense when taking into consideration some of what we've heard before, but also contradicts a lot of other things. Yes, we've heard that Luke is a bit of a hermit and that tracking him down and reuniting him with his lightsaber is a crucial element of the plot. But does that mean we won't see him at all until that happens?

One of the big will-they-won't-they questions about Episode 7 has been whether or not the movie will feature the series' first flashback. This is something that has received some heated negative reactions from fans but is also a rumor that has been elaborated upon with other supposed plot leaks. Not too long ago it was said that this flashback would be from Luke's point of view and would allow the movie to feature a bit of Darth Vader.

Will Luke bring Vader back in flashback?
Will Luke bring Vader back in flashback?

The Jedi Needs to Return

The main reason this claim that Luke wouldn't appear until the very end of the movie doesn't sound too likely is that he's not a character that anyone is expecting to not show up at some point. No one is thinking he's dead and Mark Hamill's recent appearances even give us a pretty good idea of how he'll look in the film. The rumor makes it sound like Luke showing up is some shocking reveal but everything leading up to this has made it sound like we'll be checking in on Luke just like we'll be checking up on Han, Leia and Chewbacca and, yeah, those droids R2D2 and C3PO.

I'm guessing that Luke won't be a major active character in Episode 7 but through his character we will be getting important information about what the Sith, Empire and Inquisitors are up to and probably more than just a hint as to what kind of plotting and planning he's been up to since Return of the Jedi. I'm pretty sure that he's the only character that can really get us this kind of information. Also, perhaps more personally, I feel confident that he'll be talking to Yoda at some point. C'mon, you know the little guy is going to show up in some form or another.

The ghost of Yoda HAS to appear in Episode 7.
The ghost of Yoda HAS to appear in Episode 7.

I would also venture to say that, as has been rumored in the past, we will see Luke Skywalker actually show off some lightsaber skills before the movie is over. There's been talk of Luke running in to some unfortunate Inquisitor troops toward the end of the movie who will feel the wrath of some Jedi Knight skills. That's the kind of thing fans have been waiting decades to see and I think that's what J.J. Abrams is planning on delivering with [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158).

Already Debunked?

While most of this is all firmly in the speculation, some things can be considered common sense. Star Wars 7 News has a whole list of reasons that this rumor just doesn't add up based on Mark Hamill's schedule and other things that have been in the news. The link to the Hollywood Reporter article about the reasons the script for the movie fell into the hands of original trilogy writers is perhaps the biggest clue out of all of them that points to the bogus nature of this rumor.

As J.J. Abrams recently said, some of these rumors are true and some aren't. I think that's the way it's been all along and that's the nature of these things but there definitely seems to be a tipping of the scales to more misleading information being released these days and it may even be some sneaky folks working for Disney that are putting fake bits out to keep some surprises in store. If that's the case, then I would say a raise might be in order.


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