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Have you thought about what you would have done during a zombie apocalypse? Well, I sure have...

(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)
(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

There are plenty of us who could survive longer than the rest-- the most clever, the most creative, the most skilled or simply the fastest. But is there someone who would make the perfect survivor?

I'm not sure about the real world. However, in the movies there are plenty of villains who could just become great zombie apocalypse survivors. And I'm not talking about Darth Vader or T-100. I'm talking about humans. I'm talking about guys who seem weak or just normal, but could easily make their way through the hungriest crowd of walkers. Or zombies. Whatever. (I'm watching a lot of Walking Dead.)

1) Hector Barbossa

(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)
(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Now, some of you might think that I'm including Barbossa here because of his ''undead skeleton'' appearance in the Curse of the Black Pearl. While being an immortal zombie pirate could help a lot, I'm referring to the human version of Barbossa. I'm sure he would make a great survivor because he is extremely clever, manipulative, an excellent fighter and all in all, very familiar with the word ''danger''. As a single human, Barbossa has faced many supernatural threats, just like the undead sea monster pirates of the Flying Dutchman. He would do great with walkers, too! He has proved many times that he can predict every move of his opponents. Well, apart from this:

(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)
(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

The greatest thing about him is his lust for survival. Think about it... He was killed in the first installment of the series and yet, he returned to life! He had his ship stolen and he managed to get it back. He even cut off his own leg, in order to escape from Blackbeard. He clearly deserves a spot here!

Role in the Apocalypse: I think that Barbossa could most likely command a community of other survivors. He would find a nice and safe place and would destroy everyone who tried to take it away from him. From there, he could give orders and force his men to do his bidding.

2) Hans Landa

(Credit: Universal Pictures)
(Credit: Universal Pictures)

Hans Landa is one of the most unpredictable movie villains of all time. He is a man who only cares about himself and knows how to fulfill even his deepest and darkest desires. He was the one of the worst members of Hitler's inner circle and yet managed to survive and even take credit for Hitler's death!

Why is he on this list? Because he doesn't really care about anything except for himself. He doesn't follow a specific ideology and he does anything in order to gain the maximum profit. He would make a ruthless survivor, a man who wouldn't hesitate to do the most violent things in order to achieve his own safety!

Role in the Apocalypse: When the apocalypse occurs, Landa will probably just follow the most powerful leader of a group of survivors, manipulating him and waiting for his chance to shine. If he ever finds a more powerful team, he will leave his partners and side with the others.

3) Jigsaw

(Credit: Twisted Pictures)
(Credit: Twisted Pictures)

The Jigsaw killer is extremely cunning and very creative. Known for his brains and his ruthlessness, he has become a major horror icon. He may appear to be an innocent old man who means no harm, but he is extremely dangerous and evil.

Although it seemed unlikely, Jigsaw managed to gain many followers during the Saw series. The characteristic that would make him the ideal survivor is his ability to create deadly traps from regular things. In a world full of undead, this could be a powerful weapon against his foes.

Role in the Apocalypse: He would probably stay in a deserted ghost town full of hungry walkers. Jigsaw doesn't even need to leave his house or his hometown. He only needs to place some traps behind the doors and have his allies collect food for him.

4) Hannibal

(Credit: Orion Pictures)
(Credit: Orion Pictures)

Ok, this is the most obvious choice. Hannibal would probably make the greatest survivor of all. He is by far the supreme genius when compared to the others from the list. He understands the rules of the "be or be killed" game better than anyone and he's already living his life like he's in a post-apocalyptic world: being hunted by his enemies and killing others in order to survive and eat.

Dr. Lecter has all the skills of the ultimate survivor. He is unpredictable, strong-willed, tough, vicious and ready for everything. Only few can match his intellect, and he is feared and respected even by his worst enemies.

Role in the Apocalypse: What would Hannibal do? He would continue his hunt for human flesh, capturing and eating fellow survivors while working on a cure during his free time. Yuck!

5) Gollum

(Credit:  New Line Cinema )
(Credit: New Line Cinema )

Ok, I'm technically cheating now since Gollum isn't a normal human; he is a Hobbit. However, he has the physical strength of a weak human and the mind of a... psychotic human I guess? Although he seems to have no physical strength, his mind is damaged and he doesn't care for anything else but the Precious,he could make a great survivor for one reason. He already IS a post-apocalyptic survivor!

He lives in a world full of flesh-eating Orcs and humans who want to kill him. He seems to know everything about Middle Earth, every cave and every secret pass. He has faced many threatening enemies and he is cleverer and sneakier than he seems. I think he deserves a place here!

Role in the Apocalypse: In a cave, talking to the One Ring!

HONORABLE MENTIONS (Although I don't think they come up to my top 5 choices)

-The Joker (I'm not sure if a world full of zombies would be ideal for him or his motives)

-Sweeney Todd (Although he was killed by a kid)

-Mother Russia (She could destroy every zombie in her path, but she isn't very clever)

-Harry and Marv (No, just kidding, but I got you for a second)

So, that was my list. It's pretty accurate I think, but this was only my opinion! Which one of these did you like the most? Who is the ultimate survivor? Which bad guy did I forget? Comment and let me know!

This article is officially approved by Batman!
This article is officially approved by Batman!

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