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[Arrow](series:720988). Flash, Agent Carter are probably the leading shows in the Marvel and DC Universe, yet their are some heroes that desperately need their own. This could get the marvel and dc universe hyped up before the DC movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. Catwoman.

I think ABC studios and FOX can pull of a Catwoman show, even though the movie was very bad and people couldn't stand Halle Berry in a costume. This show could be done probably after Gotham has finished airing on FOX. Could Anna Hathaway take the costume and to a full series. If she can than it would be excellent for the DC Universe.

In the flesh
In the flesh

Selina Kyle could be a thief of Gotham and stuff, stealing making bank heist and stuff. But if not, they could wait until Gotham is done and do a solo series for Catwoman. If they do air Catwoman, they could pick up clips from Gotham and use it for their series.

2. Nightwing

The mini series was O.K but this character needs his own show, this shouldn't be related Batman or Gotham, probably Central or Coast City, it could have a couple of Easter eggs based on the Comics. But it should have no relation to Batman. Maybe the villains that Nightwing can take on, such as Deathstroke and Deadshot. Earthly villains. Villains that Actors can easily play. The show can be aired probably on the CW Network in another four years or so. Everybody wants Nightwing on television. I think the best actor would could pull of Nightwing is Jensen Ackles from the hit series Supernatural. I mean that show has gone on for like ten years now. He probably has a fat net worth.

3. Deadpool

Deadpool is probably the only show that a cool guy who hate comics would want to watch. [Deadpool](movie:38663) is a unpredictable machine of death and torture. Whoever wants to play must a horrible comedian, a sex lover and awesome fighting skills. Deadpool can be aired on Netflix late at night so the Kids can't get a sneak peak of Deadpool ripping at hearts of monsters and STICKING IT. Deadpool could take about four years of filming, getting the actor and stuff. The Movie could be a big success and turn into a show. But for now Deadpool would raiding comic books and video games. Hey don't forget Deadpool took out the whole Marvel Universe by himself and the immortal Wolverine with a rare blade. So whoever is going to be Deadpool should be very good and fighting.

4. Elektra Natchios

For those who know Elektra Natchios as the super assassin, daughter of a Greek diplomat and girlfriend of Matt Murdock also known as Daredevil. When her father died of an assassin. She went to Japan to perfect her skills. Then went to the Hand for better training. A show for Elektra cannot be in the CW because it's Marvel. In about five years the CW would turn into DC. Elektra could to a surprise guest in Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, probably and turn into a show. They pulled off Agent Carter so why can't they do Elektra. The actress should be a woman who can pull of a good accent, is an expert with the Sai or swords and must be really really hot.

5. F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M

After the Tomorrow People got cancelled because it's sucked. Actor Robbie Amell( yes. Green Arrow's cousin) was chosen to play Ronnie Raymond also known as Firestorm. In the flash, when we find out the Ronnie and Martin got separated that created the nuclear blast. They had side effects because of their state and after they left Central City. Fan boys and Fan girls went off the wall. Saying firestorm show. If CW want to do a FireStorm show. Fans of Robbie Amell have to wait two years because Robbie Amell just finished his new movie. DUFF, which got a good rating for a High School Movie. But Firestorm could work out. The story line has already been set out. They leave to go and study their powers, this could be difficult because what villain could come up. That is a disadvantage of a Firestorm show. Creating a FireStorm show could create major crossovers with Arrow and Flash. But on a general thought. Firestorm should be created.


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