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Before I start getting into this article properly I would just like to take a moment to step out of my own metaphorical closet.

Hi everyone my name is Tom and I'm a Mass Effect addict.

To gamers Mass Effect is a little like Marmite. Those that like it, love it and will play it through time and time again. They will cherish it. They may take a break from it for a few weeks maybe even months while they play through the latest release. Eventually though, the other games get boring and repetitive and the one game they will always return to is Mass Effect. That was me, but I'm not here to talk about the computer game. I'm thinking about the franchises potential as a movie.

The history of converting console games into movies isn't a positive one. I have seen the Mario movie and I can tell you now it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen I'm pretty sure it wasn't a career high for Bob Hoskins either. The Tomb Raider series were only slightly better and I would argue that their success was bolstered by the majority of the audience wanting to see Angelina in a variety of figure hugging outfits while carrying a large array of automatic weapons and doing lots of cool stuff.

I can hear mutterings in the Resident Evil corner, sure at this time it is probably the most consistently successful console game/movie franchise. Lets be honest it doesn't really set the bar very high.

[Mass Effect](movie:589200) is a different kind of a beast altogether. It has it's own detailed mythology. There is more than one character. Mass Effect has a cast of supporting characters each with their own back story. It's visually spectacular, Any visual effects team would give there eye teeth to get hold of a project as big as this could potentially be. These things are what casts Mass Effect apart from the standard run around and do stuff games.

The Mass Effect plot is begging to be rewritten for the big screen and the biggest selling point is the fact that it would work better with an unknown cast than chucking a load of expensive A-listers at it. If you had a seasoned director who had an eye for epic story lines it would be a massive hit.

My first choice as director would have to be Joss Whedon for reasons that are too obvious to mention. Plus Joss has long been an advocate for better roles for women in movies so if he took it on there is a high likelihood he would cast a woman to play Shepard. Is that such a bad idea?

Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp were trying for a big screen adaptation of Halo that never quite happened so it's possible they might be interested. Given now that Jackson having finished with The Hobbit is probably looking for another project to sink his mighty fantasy loving teeth into. Blomkamp is working on an Alien project but may be available for a sequel if it ever got that far.

Mass Effect is Star Wars for a new generation it needs to brought to the big screen to allow the story to reach the bigger audience and allow the mythology grow in the same way that Star Wars, Star Trek and the MCU movies have.


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