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Harley Quinn or Dr. Harleen Quinzel is one and above our favorite characters of The Batman series. But She also Changes Costumes as well and they are awesome.

Starting stage - Dr. Harleen Quinzel

Such a fool to falling in Love with the most infamous criminal of Gotham. Quinzel was a psychiatrist for Joker and was interested by his stories, not to mention his words. Thats when she was "love struck" by Joker

Stage 2 - batman animated series - Harley Quinn

We all know this outfit the most
We all know this outfit the most

Went from psychiatrist to psychotic criminal with the joker and let him to escape the Arkham Asylum. and became an alley and girlfriend of joker.

Stage 3 Arkham Asylum - Harley Quinn

Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham Asylum

The Nurse outfit she chose from when joker took over the asylum. funny didn't she used to work at Arkham Asylum before she was sane?

Stage 4 - 5 Batman Arkham City/ Harley Quinn's Revenge - Harley Quinn

same outfit but diffenent
same outfit but diffenent

this was introduced in 2 games. Where she struggleing to keep joker alive while he suffers through and illness. On the left is the Arkham city on. And the right is when joker is dead and harley thinks that batman killed him but didn't she was misunderstood and couldn't handle joker's passing. As you can see she wears a black veil like shes in mourning and looks more rugged. Thats my favorite.

Stage 6 Injustice: gods amoung us - Harley Quinn

Now things get even more awesome. She was still with Joker and keeps changing costumes (shes full of surprises). and Look she even chages the way she she pig tails which is the ones i now use. The best thing about this one is she has some dramas with her boyfriend Joker and stuff.

Stage 7 Injustice: insurgency - Harley Quinn

I think this is my now favorite and this time no guns but dual daggers my favorite weapons of choice. the sequel to Gods amoung us i think. I like when she have a cupcake in her hand when its a gernade (sometimes i want to give it to my ex as a no hard feelings gift XD)

Stage 8 [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) - Harley Quinn

from the comics Suicide Squad
from the comics Suicide Squad

Pale white skin, same black and red hair color, and black painted one mask and i think in this comic joker is mentioned and i think the movie is going to be made (i dont know when) but im getting way ahead of myself

so as it turns out her new outfits are getting awesome and even showing some skin that we all love. Sometimes I wish I have these outfits espeacially the insurgency one.

If there any other costumes i miss post some comments and let me know


Which Harley Quinn Outfit is your Favorite?


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