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I was disappointed by the movie. The movie shows the love story of Stephen Hawking, not his works and achievements. It definitely felt like a romance movie, however its a biography/drama and half romance. But James Marsh felt comfortable with showing his love life not his works, or he thought he couldn't do it justice because there are tons of better documentary films about Mr.Hawking.

Well as many movies go, this film had a decent acting and a screenplay, everything worked out just fine. Notice that im not saying perfect, because there were some parts that really bugged me. For example the female lead actress, they try to make her look older by changing her hair style, but the problem is, she's too cute and young looking to be take serious as an adult.

Yeah, im 40 years old, LOL
Yeah, im 40 years old, LOL

And what's with the double love triangle bullshit? It felt like Twilight for a second, i mean sure, thats what happened in real life but couldn't you cut those out and focus on his works instead? I mean the the title is the freaking "Theory of Everything", or is it "Theory of real life double love triangle" ?

Oh no you have a incurable disease, let me go all Bella on you
Oh no you have a incurable disease, let me go all Bella on you

What's up with that scene anyway?

"Please leave me alone"

"No talk to me Stephen"

"Lets play outside"

"Shit you look terrible Stephen"

Overall the movie had no memorable scene and soundtrack, and as a Hawking fan, that is really disappointing. I was expecting to see some math, physics, break the law science, theories, everything. But no, they filled the entire movie with his love story, which i assume 75% of the audience weren't expecting to see after checking the genres...


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