ByUlmaro Perez, writer at

A timeless classic if there ever was one. The Neverending Story brought to its core audiences a sense of bewilderment and wonder that, it would seem that no other movie has topped since its release in the 80's. When I watched this movie I was just knee high to a grasshopper, so to speak, and my imagination was a great asset to my play time with my brothers.

This movie spurred some of the greatest make believe times ever in us and it still holds true even with its old graphics and bad scripting. Lets face it the movie is bad, its not that its a horrible film though. Its that now when I watch it I look at it through the eyes of an adult in his 30s whom has lost the imagination to see it as something that is or was magical.

This being said, I highly recommend it to those of you whom have a family. Even those whom have teenagers, this film is an adventure for the entire family no matter the age and if your my age or older, look at it through the eyes of a child and it will make a hell of a lot more sense. Do not watch the sequels, ever. They are horrid little blasphemed creations done to just grab quick cash on the originals title. The first movie is the truest movie to the book it was based on. Go enjoy time with your family and watch a bad but fun movie.


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