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So with Spider-Man officially joining the MCU, we'll most likely see a new face behind the mask and a new web of stories. But just because of that, we don't necessarily have to sit through another origin story movie. I have come up with two ways Marvel can seamlessly put the ol' Wall Crawler into the MCU WITHOUT another origin movie.

1. Now we're going to get Doctor Strange, we can get Spider-Man

With Doctor Strange also joining the MCU, he can be the very reason we see Spidy show up. With Strange's ability of dimensional travel, he could be the one to bring our favorite Web-Slinger into the MCU. With Civil War and Infinity War coming, The Avengers and the rest of the ever growing MCU will need all of the help they can get. Doctor Strange could travel to the dimension where the "The Amazing Spider-Man" movies have taken place, and enlist Spider-Man's help back in the MCU dimension. This way we wouldn't have to see another origin movie or recast and reboot for Spider-Man.

2. Spidy was there the entire time

This way has taken some inspiration from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" TV show. Spider-Man has been training with S.H.I.E.L.D for a few years and during the invasion of New York (As seen in "The Avengers") Nick Fury didn't think Peter was ready to suit up and fight along side Cap and company without seeing with untimely demise. Now fast forward to Civil War. With more training under his spandex belt, Nick was deemed him ready for action in the field. Nick then has Peter introduced to The Avengers, and he joins the team. Now here we'd sadly have to see Spider-Man recast, but he'll be in the MCU.

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