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Yes! I know i've been missing for a long time but here i am again! Ok... Here's the thing. A few days ago Missy(Michelle Gomez) told us about her return in Doctor Who! Isn't it just amazing?

Here's the video:

But! We all missed something important! When she changes her hand, she has a vortex manipulator on her hand! Here... Take a closer look:

The vortex manipulator on Missy's hand.
The vortex manipulator on Missy's hand.

So what could possibly this means? Did she survived? Maybe she got it from River or Captain Jack Harkness! Does this mean we are gonna see them again? And where is Missy's TARDIS anyway? Well, i guess we have to wait till season 9 to see... Nevertheless,Michelle Gomez is back as Missy and we are all happy to hear about it... What's your thought for Missy? I would gladly hear it!

Doctor Who is back this autumn for Season 9 with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Jenna Colleman as Clara and Michelle Gomez as Missy.

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