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The film opens with Hal Jordan talking to John Stewart through their rings (visually). Two Lanterns per sector. Remember, the goal is to build a great Justice League movie, and put the Green Lanterns on the map. The best way to do that is end the fighting between Hal Jordan fans, and John Stewart fans. I am a fan of both I grew up with Hal, and just have a serious connection with John.

The film opens:

Hal has the front half of sector 2814, making his call sign 2814.1 that is from the Sun to Mars. John has the back half of the sector making his call sign 2814.2. The back half consist of Jupiter through Pluto although Pluto is just a rock, he has that area.

Hal wants the front half not because of Earth but because he tossed Parallax into the Sun and if, not if, when the being emerges Hal wants to finish it once and for all; the ring and Hal wants to avenge Abin Sur. Hal tells John meta human activity has picked up and would you believe it; of all places on Earth. John says; other than the two of them the only other being he knows of are Superman, yes there is a man who calls himself Batman but he doesn't have meta powers. Hal explains now there a female like Superman, who is a relative of Superman. Also there are two really fast beings on Earth call the Flash, both of them. Hal says really if you think about it Superman and his cousin aren't meta humans, hey they aren't even human, but the two Flashes both wear mask and they are human. John does say as long and the Kryptonian is a good guy we won't have t take him down. Hal also speaks of a super intelligent Ape of Gorilla, and he tells John; get this, word is the Ape can talk.

Hal goes on to tell tells John about a force he can't quite make out probably hidden away; probably by the Government. Hal says when he gets back on Earth he is going to New Mexico to check it out. John says, (1) tells him to be careful, you know the government would love to get their hands on you and the ring. Hal says I know, I served remember John says that's what I mean we both served and we know the Government is always looking for the proverbial secret weapon. John closes by saying alright let me finish up see you on Earth in about two weeks, I like the local atmosphere on The U, short for Uranus. This is where he meets the Thanagarian Shayera, and while it is not love at first sight there is a chemistry, they enjoy each others company until she ask him to try some flurb. He invites her to Earth and she declines. This might not be shown but it is principle and could be used at a later date.

(1) John does say to Hal if you want he would accompany Hal to this remote spot in New Mexico.

John and Hal signs off. As John heads off to his next planet. Bizarro and Sinestro passes into Earth's solar system, they are heading to meet Lex Luthor, the wealthiest being in the known universe. On Earth Lex, Joker, Riddler, Grodd, Giganta, and Tala await the arrival of Bizarro, and Sinestro. You can already see early tension between Lex and Grodd. Once the two missing pieces arrive, Lex goes on the offensive. See Lex was the shadow piece telling Superman to have all nations disarm and allow himself to protect the planet. Against Batman's best wishes and unaware of Lex's grand scheme, Superman convinces the world to decommission their weapons. With Earth greatest weapons disarmed Lex puts his plan into action. Operation Humiliate Superman goes into effect. Before Hal returns, Superman goes down; as Batman arrives to help Superman he pulls out Green Kryptonite thinking if it hurts Superman it will hurt Bizarro, Blue Kryptonite as that effect on Bizarro, not green. This gives Bizarro the upper hand and Superman is taken. Lex gives the order to take Superman, and leave Batman. Joker tells him really you are going to leave the Batman. Joker says trust me Lexie, The Batman for what he lacks in Super powers he makes up for and you will rue the day you left him. The Bat is as powerful as Superman.

Hal Jordan returns to Earth and is taken by Sinestro as the yellow ring of fear projects an image of Hal's father and his will to fight is lost, almost costing Hal his life, but Lex wants Hal alive. Hal tires to reach John through his ring, but this is at the same time John is duking it out with Lobo. It really isn't much of a fight. John is just way to powerful for Lobo. However, in Lobo's own words; he utters, he will allow John to live this time; however, Lobo tells Green Long Johns he is not going to go easy on him next time. John has a one word reply; Sure. After this encounter John takes the incoming message from Hal. Hal says he has been captured, and what happens next is pure luck. As John was about to speak to Shayera once more about coming to Earth, but instead he tells her urgent business has come up back home, but he shall return. John heads back to Earth.

By this time Superman and Hal have been taken, Princess Diana finds Batman and ask if she could be of any assistance. Batman says Princess I am aware of you and your people but in this case I doubts you can assist me. Batman explains he has watched the Amazonians for years and while they have great strength; in combat the enemy hits back, and he goes on to say in battle I do not have time to protect a female and save the world. Princess Diana tells him of his chauvinistic ways and express she could be of great usage to him. The Princess squares off with Batman and she quickly learns he is not blessed with Super powers, but he is a difficult being to overcome. In close quarters Batman whispers in her eye, maybe I can make use of your talents. Batman has impressed the Princess as she swears her life to him. Yes it is as it seams, She pledges herself to Batman and states she finds man's world intriguing.

The Princess attempts to uses her mental powers to assist Batman in locating Hal and Superman. In the mist of her search her mind is taken over by J'onn J'ozz. Batman tries to stop her and she completely overpowers him. But Batman being batman puts a traces on the Princess. The Martian has also taken over the mind of Wally West as they all arrive at the New Mexico facility at the same time. Once inside J'onn J'ozz guides the three of them to his location. J'onn release both her and Flash from his mind control. The Princess states he can help us. Batman says how, The Princess is about to explain when Flash Wally West trips and alarm, Batman tells them to secure the doors and he will release the Alien.

The last thing Hal told John is that he was picking up a strange energy from a government facility in New Mexico, so that is where John heads to, thinking the Government has a Lantern and the ring could be deadly for the entire planet if it is compromised. Once inside John goes invisible, he feels the energy as well, and he sees the soldiers working hard to get inside, John phases through the walls, and sees costume wearing people trying to free an alien. Batman frees a weaken J'onn J'ozz, who warns of another presence in the room that is Just about the same time in which John puts them all in a bubble and ask just what do you think you are doing Bruce Wayne. Batman says the mask is worn for a reason, John says I thought you were one of the good guys, Batman says I am trying to save Hal's life.

As the soldier enter the room John turns everyone invisible and phases the entire crew up to another level. Princess Diana takes a swing at the bubble and the shield is unphased. Batman tells everyone to calm down. Batman explains Hal and Superman has been taken by Lex Luthor. You get a small glimpse of Amanda Waller and General Eiling. She asks the General if they have located Captain Atom yet. Part 1 ends with Batman telling John to take them all to the Batcave.

A recurring theme throughout the movie is Joker telling Lex he should have captured the Batman. Joker knows for all the Bat lacks in Super Powers, he more than makes up for with his mental wits and his uncanny ability to anticipate...Batman is a student of all studies, Joker knows this because he has tangled with the Bat numerous times and even when Bats is faced with Super powered odds, he tends to find a way. This time he finds a Green Lantern and a Super Woman who Batman will later name Wonder Woman.

A small tidbit is that in part two: look for Shayera to join the forces, before the big showdown. She ventures out to Earth as she wants to find other adventures. Plus, John did not return so expect to see her join the crew in part two as she ventures to Planet Earth. Also, near the end of part two expect to see Hal summoned back to Oa for a brain scan. The Guardians want to know why Kyle and John; as Earthling have no trouble overcoming fear, and Hal does. The brain scan reveals no abnormalities. While John's willpower is unmatched at 96 percent; Hal willpower of 91 percent far surpasses Kyle who has near balanced 11 percent across all spectrums. So the Guardians now turn to the ring. Abin Sur's ring was used to imprison Parallax; maybe the fallen entity compromised the ring. The medical Guardians discover that parallax did indeed taint the ring as he found a way to free himself. A tainted ring leaves the wearer at risk, so the Guardians create a new ring and its given to Hal. Hal is granted a new ring, and like the rest of Earth Lanterns yellow is not a problem for Hal Jordan...John's number is high because at some point he exceeds the limits of the limitless ring, and that is documented...


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