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This is more a detailed list! Than a review of any kind, what games in my opinion should have film adaptations!

Now of course! Mario has tried this! And, let's face it! It didn't work! And it probably, would never work!

But we're soon (I believe! Anyway!) getting a new Assassin's Creed film! Staring Magnito! I'm sorry, Michael Fassbender! Which can be, and hopefully will be, incredible! Much like the games!

So here's a list of games that I think could/should be films! I will also say who could play the main character!

Ok, so I must start with Halo, it's been passed about for ages that there'd be a film! And maybe one day we'll see it, but who could play Master Chief? You'd need a big man, a force to be reckoned with! Muscular and tall!! And make sure this film doesn't decide Tom Cruise should play the big muscular main character, much like they did with Jack Reacher! And much like Jack Reacher, I'm going to chose Kevin Durand! Now he is a big guy, and could play Master Chief brilliantly! In my opinion!!

Legend Of Zelda! Come on, that could be amazing! Links struggle through Hyrule, defeating Ganon and rescuing Zelda from her comatose state! Who could play these parts? Now a younger Charles Dance I would say could play Ganon, but unfortunately he's off watching Rugby, so for sheer stature, and of course, gingernes, I'd have to chose WWE's Sheamus! If he could put on the accent! Now Zelda, whom, lets face it, would get minimal screen time, really only sleeping time! Lynn Collins I believe would be an excellent choice! Of course we know her acting is out of this world! Maybe, just on Mars! (John Carter review to come!) And perhaps she could play an elf! If that fails! Then Zooey Deschanel! We know she can play a good elf! Right age! Also a good choice! Now the hard one! Link! Teenager, Or Young Adult, medium build, medium size! It's a difficult choice! So! I'm going to leave this one open to the public! Who could play Link? The hero! Comment below!

Now I would say Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls! But lets face it, these are already movies! They're interactive films! They're brilliant games! But Beyond already has its cast! Although Heavy Rain! I could chose a cast for that! Ready for this jelly?

Ethan Mars: Gerard Butler, Looks pretty much the same person! A great choice I'd say!
Scott Shelby: I'd say Kevin James! Not played many, if any! Serious roles! But I he'd be a great choice! Although my friend says John Goodman! What do you think? Leave a comment!
Norman Jayden: Joseph Gordon-Levitt! To be honest, they look the same!
Madison Paige: Hmm, named after a TNA Knockout and a WWE Diva? Cool! Anyway! I'm kinda stumped on this one! I mean her and Lauren Winter looks very alike! Anne Hathaway maybe?
Lauren Winter: Same trouble! Anne Hathaway can't play both! How about Salma Hayek? Look similar!

L.A Noire! Come on how amazing would that be! But yes, what's that I hear you cry? Who could play Kelso? Well! How's this for a choice! Ryan Reynolds! Need I say more? He'd just be perfect!

He's looking worse for wear isn't he?
He's looking worse for wear isn't he?

Now my last one! And I'm sure you'll all agree! Is Fifa!

Of course I'm joking! My last choice will be Tomb Raider! Now I know! It's already a film! But with the new games coming out the films need a reboot! And I have just the gal to play or most beloved archaeologist, Lara Croft! And that woman! Is.... Drum roll! WWE's Paige! Very attractive, young, English! It's everything the modern Lara Croft is! If Paige doesn't play the next Lara Croft! Then that's a travesty!

Of course! There are so many more games that could become films! And I'm sure you have just the people to play certain roles! If you do! And you'd like to tell me which ones these are! Then let me know in the comment section! If you liked this post then please share it! And to see many (and by many I mean all 6, maybe!) posts I've put up! Please follow me!

Tarraa my wonderful readers!


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