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Hello fellow readers! This is my first article and i would love to make more if i get good feed back so i can write more good articles so, yeah, enjoy! Over the years call of duty has been popular and with the new installment out( Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) people have been joining its community along with leaving it. But why? There is a question I've asked no-one, so now i am going to be answering it myself. Well looking over the past few years along with the couple games (Ghosts, Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and Modern Warfare 3) they've been trying to make things more futuristic along with other new franchises such as Titanfall, Saints Row and some more popular series as well. I Remember the good old days of call of duty... My personal favorite call of duty game in the franchise would have to be the 5th one which is World At War. Because 1. Its Original and 2. Its about World War 2. The only Call of Duty games that were based on real wars were Finest Hour, Then Call of Duty, Then Call of Duty 2. The reason why im saying this is because they need to be original again. i know what you guys are going to say "blah, its supposed to be fake, blah, they cant find new wars to do, blah blah". i know its hard coming up with new games and all but why not something like Afghanistan or Iraq? (And i know both of these wars are still being fought and thank you to all the army veterans). Also,how long has this series been running? Since like 2002 right? Well what i guess i'm trying to say is that they just need better ideas. But the franchise will always have its ups an downs. For example its ups are Nazi Zombies and Exo zombies and the downs are extinction.


Whats Your Favorite Game out of the series?


What Do You Like Better? Exo Or Not?


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