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So. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 came out this weekend. I told myself I would wait until this one came out on video or on demand to watch it because it just did not look that great. The trailers were weak, John Cusack was out, and no Lizzy Caplan either. So, already I was disappointed.

But, my buddy calls me while I am at work Thursday afternoon. Tells me there are early showings of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 tonight if I would want to go. I gave in. Went and saw the movie and can honestly say, I didn't hate it.

The premise of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 basically Lou (Rob Corddry) gets shot and they must travel back in time (or into the future) in order to find out who shoots Lou so they can save his life. The trailer already tells you they go into the future already, so not much of a spoiler here, but Lou's killer is from the future. That is all I will say.

First problem: The story line is crazy. Like nuts. I hated it. But, story lines are never the important part when it comes to comedy.

Second problem: I did not laugh that much. If you are going to be an outrageously stupid comedy, you better make me laugh my ass off. Nope. This movie does not meet the requirements. Craig Robinson delivers some great one liners, but that's about it. Corddry looks like an asshole (he was an asshole in the first one, but a funny asshole). Clark Duke is under-utilized as usual (seriously, get this guy some good work hes funny). And Adam Scott's character is just thrown in there to help you not miss John Cusack (but you will, trust me).

Third problem: Sloppily made. It honestly looks like they threw this movie together in a day. It just looks bad. That is the only way I can describe it. And it's to bad because I love the first Hot Tub Time Machine.

So with all these negative comments you probably are wondering why I gave it a 5/10 and not something lower. Well, the film is saved by three things which made my movie going experience somewhat worth it. Those are:

1. The Mirror Scene

This scene, I laughed very hard. I am not going to describe it to you, and you will know exactly what I am talking about if you see the film. It is when they first all see each other in the mirror in the future. That is all I am telling you since this is a spoiler free review.

2. The Ending

The ending is one of my favorite endings I have seen in a long time. Think The Hangover but instead of pictures, its time travel. It's good stuff.

3. Craig Robinson Comedic Timing

He seriously almost saves this movie. His on point delivery and one-liners in this film are so good. Seriously he needs way more work.

Well, that is my take on Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Hope you guys enjoyed my review! I try to keep things spoiler free so I am hoping I did not get into much detail! Let me know what you guys thought of HTTM2 in the comments!


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