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16 Bits meets the silver screen.

Since the 90's Hollywood has been adapting video games for the big screen. And they have been making more ever since. They have adapted many games into movies all different, but one thing they did have in common is the mostly negative reception. Yes. Although most of these games were among the best of the genre that didn't stop them from flopping at the box office.

The first movie to begin this trend was Super Mario Bros. Of course it seemed destined, the biggest name in gaming to become a movie. The first of it's kind. But little did people know that it bombed big time. The next Was Double Dragon. An even cheesier adaptation of a game. This one featured hammy acting and cheesy lines. Eventually in 1995 Mortal Kombat was adapted. Adapted to critical failure but cult status due in part to a damn good soundtrack.

For years to come they would adapt many more games into film. In particular games that could make a horror film. House of the Dead, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Doom, etc. Of course they were mostly critical failures. Though Resident Evil would go on to gross 915 million US dollars world wide, making it the most popular video game adaptation ever. Silent Hill would also go on to have a sequel made though the sequel became even more of a failure.

Now most of these movies had some perks to them. Such as Super Mario Bros. being nominated for 2 Saturn awards for best Outfits and best Make Up. But These movies one thing they have in common, is that there wasn't any love or passion put into them. Yes, i believe that if they were to make a successful video game movie then they would need to have respect and love for the source material. In order for a successful one to be made they would need someone who loved and was a huge fan of the game itself.

Too many video game movies were snubbed because of half-assed plots, wrong casting decisions, and poor treatment of the source material. Now that's not to say that they aren't loved. I myself Loved the Silent Hill movie. But not the second one though. But I mean until Hollywood brings real talent or creativity to the table, then we are stuck with mostly sub-par movies. Cult favorites or not.


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