ByTimme Bontes, writer at

Better Call Saul is great already, but which Breaking Bad characters should make a appearance in the AMC show?

1. Hector ''Tio'' Salamanca

''Ding'' ''Ding'' I would love to see Hector back in BCS, it is always fun to see him on screen. Great eyebrow acting as well.

2. Gustavo Fring

Off course we want to see Gus Fring back in BCS, but just as a small role I hope. (Just like Tuco)

3. The Cousins

Again Salamanca family members. But I realy hope that they make a (small) appearance in BCS, because...THEY WHERE FREAKING AWESOME!!

4. Hank Schrader

I think it would be funny if Saul gets in trouble with Hank in BCS.

5. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

*Hands down*


What do you guys think? Which Breaking Bad character should make a appearance in Better Call Saul?


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