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Den Tehsupercow Lamb

So, this year, it came in, that the ratings had dropped 14%-18% from last years show, and Neil Patrick is being blamed, but why?

Well, to be honest, there really isn't a reason other than stupidity.

Now, here's something, people seem to be magically forgetting - A big chunk of the Black Community, boycotted the Oscars, because of the false racism allegations, because Selma wasn't nominated for everything.

Now, Selma, is a decent film, but it's not Oscar worthy, and message of the film, and the reason it exists, is far superior than the quality of the film itself, so I honestly don't believe it should have been nominated for anything other than best film, and best original song. The five nominated actors, all outshone David Oyelowo.

So, I honestly don't think it's fair, to blame NPH, for the low ratings.


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